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“Hollywood Hairspray 5” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Hollywood Hairspray 5”
Label: Perris Records
Release Date: 4/4/2006
Style: Glam Rock
Rating: 3/5

Perris Records is a great label if you are a fan of or in a band that longs for the way Rock and Roll used to the delivered in “Hair Metal” eighties. Musically, the time was a little simpler, and a whole lot glitzier when it came down to it. It launched the word “Poser” and so many people wore the term like a badge of honor. The music industry literally embraced almost every band that came from the budding Hollywood scene while the fans of the harder edged stuff often fled the country, in a manner of speaking. This compilation takes a number of good bands and gives you a great sampling of their work. It’s largely kitschy, glam-based Hard Rock singing about the glories of Rock and Roll, women and whiskey. There is some stand out tracks like “Instant Animal” and “Hold On To Your Dreams Tonight” as they have some of the catchier choruses that would just beg for an audience sing along back in the day. A couple of odd placements begin with Dirty Rig and their contribution of “Suck It”. A great band, but don’t belong on a release like this as opposed to something more along their lines.
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