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“Hellraiser” by Krokus

Artist: Krokus
Title: “Hellraiser”
Label: Locomotive Music
Release Date: 10/24/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

I guess the saying is true that you are never too old to Rock & Roll for its 30 years and still counting for the band Krokus who return with a tasty dose of Hard Rock for the world to enjoy. The band had recently toured the US after an eighteen-year absence and was met with a great fan response based on the focus on their classic material. The tour found Marc Storace and company delivering staples from albums such as “Headhunter” and “The Blitz”; and to this day I regard “Headhunter” as one of the “must haves” in anyone’s Metal collection. “Hellraiser” shows that the group can still rock with the best of them and it has a few moments been you will be reminded of old ACDC. Storace as a singer has always had a very close voice to the late Bon Scott and the bands early material even used many of the same guitar techniques. You will find this especially on the albums opening and title track. Legacy fans should be aware that this is pretty much a different Krokus from the one they remember in the old days with the exception of Storace and guitarist Mandy Meyer. Meyer stepped back into the roster after the departure of Fernando VonArb. The new line up adds a refreshing new vitality to the groups sound and is comprised of Tony Castell (bass), Dominique Favez (guitar) and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums). Catchy tunes are all over the place with this release and you will find it something that you will spin more than once but on the opposite side, there is nothing that will blow your mind on the album either. I liked the opening few tracks as they set the direction of the piece and could have sworn when I listened to ”Angel Of My Dreams” that I was listening to a follow up to “Screamin’ In The Night”. The similarity play did not end there for when “Love Will Survive” began, it used the same riff that their rendition of “American Woman” did so I was convinced the band did this on purpose to see if the fans were paying attention.
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