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“Hellfire Club” by EdGuy

Artist: Ed Guy
Title: “Hellfire Club”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 4/2004
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 9/10

Leave it to Tobias Sammet and his partners in “Ed Guy” to always deliver powerful and yet deftly creative heavy metal. My first exposure to EdGuy was for the live masterpiece entitled “Burning Down The Opera”. The entire thing kicks and makes you wonder why there are not more bands taking power metal to the level that they choose to. This is one bad thing about being Stateside musically as we sometimes miss some great stuff that is pretty much the standard in the European countries. However, the recent EP “King Of Fools” and the newly released “Hellfire Club” are available readily in the United States thanks to Nuclear Blast Records so fans of this band and genre of metal can easily enjoy them without killing their pocket on expensive imports.
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