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“A Heavy Mental Christmas” by Helix

Artist: Helix
Title: “Heavy Mental Christmas”
Label: Planet Helix
Release Date: 10/21/2008
Genre: Holiday Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

“Gimme an X”, “X!!!” – “M”, “A”, “S”, “Whatchya got? “XMAS!!!!!” What you gonna do? Sorry friends, I lost myself a little bit there but believe it or not those eighties Hard Rockers from Canada in Helix have actually delivered a Christmas album of their own for the entire world to enjoy. Presenting “Heavy Mental Christmas” an album where we find that the band follows suit with the similar idea that was executed by Twisted Sister a couple of years ago. The idea of Helix doing this appealed to me for growing up in the eighties in terms of the Metal bands that I would follow I was no stranger to what Helix was capable of and I really loved a number of the bands classics. I admit that I found their choosing this option a little bit strange but with the angle being so popular these days there are guaranteed to be those who bravely approach the subject matter themselves to see what comes of it. We all know that Hard Rock music and the Holiday theme are not new by any stretch of the imagination based on how successful the Trans-Siberian Orchestra has been for the number of years it has been touring and my thoughts are if the final product is something that many people can enjoy then I am behind it 100%. So how would Helix’s renditions of the Holiday classics be you might ask, well I am happy to report that the almost dead on versions are really good and while they offer up some extra crunch in the guitar and drum parts, that the songs are kept very, very close to the original versions. This ends up making the album a release that can be enjoyed by any rocking demographic who celebrates the holiday with their friends and families. It’s different from how Sister did their own for with “A Twisted Christmas” the guys chose to re-work their own songs into interesting Holiday versions. With “A Heavy Mental Christmas” we are not finding Helix reworking their catalog to fit the theme. Of course that might have been interesting when I come to think of it.
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“The Best Of Helix: Deep Cuts” by Helix

Artist: Helix
Title: “The Best Of Helix: Deep Cuts”
Label: EMI Music/Capitol Records
Release Date: 3/9/1999
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Everytime I hear the band Helix I am pulled back in time to the music station U68 that I often watched during those Hard Rockin’ Eighties. This was the place where you could see Metal videos on a regular basis since MTV was not yet available everywhere, and since you could not always catch the broadcast clean – you often piled to someone’s house that could catch it. I liked it actually as there was always an interesting variety of bands to absorb and one of them that received regular rotation was Canada’s own Helix. It was a time where everyone had big hair and most people wore spandex as they visited the clubs where Hard Rock and Heavy Metal was a blossoming industry. Motley Crue and the sunset strip bands were becoming popular and while never really receiving any level of Stateside critical acclaim, Helix had a lot of fun stuff and were an energetic Hard Rock band. This CD is a great way to absorb some of the bands best music and find your memory jogged to when the industry was a lot less complex. Older listeners will remember some of these tracks fondly, such as the anthem “Rock You”, which was more a Heavy Metal Cheerleading call. Ballads were going on every jukebox and if you had a Hard Rock band you were expected to do one of these as well so Helix offered up “Deep Cuts The Knife”, which to this day remains one of my favored power ballads. They also had “Dream On” and no, I am not speaking of the Aerosmith version. It’s a song like this that makes one wonder how the band never reached a higher plateau in this region. Other selections of note on the disk are “Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’”, “Wild In The Streets”, and “The Kids Are All Shakin’”.
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