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“All You Need Is Blood” by Beatallica

Artist: Beatallica
Title: “All You Need Is Blood”
Label: Oglio Records
Release Date: 5/20/2008
Genre: Mashup Metal
Rating: 3/5

After this one I was pretty sure that I had heard everything and if this is not truly the case then I can at least say that I have heard ALMOST everything in about thirteen different languages. Now there might be some readers who I have already thrown off with this rather absurd opening statement but it had to be said after I had finished listening to the new Beatallica mega-single “All You Need Is Blood”. In typical Beatallica fashion the band that became famous for successfully mashing up the music of the Beatles with that of Metallica have returned with some teaser music to enjoy before they unleash their next “mash-terpiece” upon an unsuspecting world. This time around the guys only give us one song and of course it’s a slightly morphed homage to the classic “All You Need Is Love” and to give everyone their money’s worth the boys do it twelve more times on the release. I’m sure that you’re saying to yourself “one song thirteen times, oh the humanity of it all” and if that would be perfect if this is all that the band did but doing things normally would not make them Beatallica. Instead the band called upon their worldwide legions of fans, the “Beatallibangers” and asked them to contribute translated lyrics to the song in their native tongue. Sounds interesting right? Well as a matter of fact it is but it’s truly a bizarre thing to hear the many different languages being applied to something like this.
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