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Hollywood Undead To Star In Their Own Comic Book “Undead Origins”

This news hit the other day but we were busy getting ready for the NY Comic Con which is currently in progress at the Javits Center and where we have been for the last couple of days. I’ll be returning there today as well for what is usually one of the busiest event days. Anyway, check out the skinny on the first ever comic book for the Rap Metal group Hollywood Undead.

The Press Release:
It’s a very small list of bands that can claim they’ve had their own comic book published and now Hollywood Undead can add their name to that list. On December 6th, Hollywood Undead will partner with Heavy Metal Magazine to star in their own comic: “Undead Origins.”

Written by Paul Allor, the comic follows Hollywood Undead’s members as they discover a deep conspiracy; all across Los Angeles, people are acting unnaturally happy and compliant. People in the counterculture are suddenly fitting into society, finding square jobs and loving them. Is it clones? Robots? Alien replacements? The crew discovers that in reality, it’s a system of mental and physical alteration, funded by a powerful tech mogul-turned City Councilman. And what’s more, the “victims” aren’t victims at all; they’re undergoing the process voluntarily. But our guys won’t stand for that. They work to destroy the facility, assisted by like-minded people from across the city.

This 56-page comic ties in with the release of Hollywood Undead’s fifth studio album: FIVE. The issue will hit retail shops on December 6th, however fans can order it directly from the band’s web store (http://smarturl.it/FiveStore) and receive it around the street date of their new album.
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Iron Maiden “Legacy Of The Beast” Comic Book Series Available For Pre-Order

As you know, we are big fans of the comic book medium here on PiercingMetal.com and have been offering up both monthly solicitations and deeper insight into numerous series on the website for several years. We grew up loving the first appearance of KISS in the comics and have seen other bands make appearances or get special issues focused on them as well. Now it’s time for Iron Maiden to join into the mix with a limited series called “Legacy Of The Beast”. Check out the first issue cover and full press release below.

The Press Release:
The first ever official Iron Maiden comic book series is coming from leading US science fiction, fantasy and horror publishers Heavy Metal Publishing. The comic books are based on the band’s hit mobile role- playing game, Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast, where players battle as Eddie across the many worlds of Iron Maiden’s discography, from the ancient sands of “Powerslave” to the far flung future of “The Final Frontier”.

Comprising five fantastic issues, with an overarching narrative and incredible illustrations, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is written by Llexi Leon and Ian Edginton, with art from Kevin J. West, Jason Gorder, and Santi Casas. The first issue goes on sale worldwide from comic retailers everywhere on October 11th, but is available to pre-order online now. See full details below.

The comic book series expands on the video game narrative. As dark forces conspire to corrupt the fabric of reality, Eddie’s immortal soul is shattered and strewn across the cosmos – leaving a weakened, primal Eddie to battle across space and time facing off against the twisted legions of The Beast, seeking out the lost shards of his soul, and bringing order to the realms. With each victory, and with the aid of old friends, Eddie will restore his fearsome powers as he draws ever closer to facing the Unholy foe behind his fall… and thwarting a plot to unravel all of Creation!
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