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Kittie Bassist Trish Doan Has Died (1985-2017)

I’m deeply saddened to share the news that Kittie bassist Trish Doan has passed away. The news hit me when I was reading my Facebook feed and suddenly saw a photo of Trish along with a notice from her sister sharing the news that she was gone. Trish was 31 years of age and no cause of death had been noted. The Official Statement from her band Kittie is below….

trish doan, trish doan concert photos,
Trish Doan w Kittie circa 2007

“It is with immeasurable sadness that we share news of the passing of our sister and best friend Trish Doan. Finding the right words is tough. She was so bright and vibrant and talented and we loved her and still do. She was so much more than just a musician or member of the band. She was our blood, our sister and family. Finding our way without her will be challenging, like a ship without a lighthouse, and we are devastated. We ask that you please respect our privacy and her family’s privacy during this difficult time.” – Kittie

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Legendary Bassist Trevor Bolder Has Passed Away (5/21/2013)

I had not yet even gotten over the shock about the passing of Ray Manzarek when this equally saddening news came to my attention. Regretfully I share with you the news that the great Trevor Bolder (founder and bassist at one time for David Bowie’s Spiders From Mars and the current bringer of the thunder for Uriah Heep) has passed away after battling cancer. He was only 62 years of age. Having just seen this fantastic musician only a few months ago and enjoying some musical chit chat and a drink after the gig this news just brings me down about such a loss. I’ve copied the bands official statement below my photo from this gig for you all to reflect upon.

Trevor Bolder Onstage @ B.B. King Blues Club (2012)

A Statement From Uriah Heep: It is with great sadness that Uriah Heep announce the passing of our friend the amazing Trevor Bolder, who has passed away after his long fight with cancer. Trevor was an all time great, one of the outstanding musicians of his generation, and one of the finest and most influential bass players that Britain ever produced. His long time membership of Uriah Heep brought the band’s music, and Trevor’s virtuosity and enthusiasm, to hundreds of thousands of fans across the world. He joined the band in 1976 and, barring one short break, was a fixture until his ill health forced him to take a step back early this year. Prior to joining Heep he was a founder and ever-present member of David Bowie’s legendary Spiders From Mars band, performing on all of their key albums and at countless shows. He also performed with Wishbone Ash, Cybernauts and The Rats. Mick Box said, “Trevor was a ‘World Class’ bass player, singer & songwriter, and more importantly a World Class friend. He will be sadly missed by family, friends and rock fans all over the world. We are all numb to the core”.
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Cliff Burton: Twenty Five Years Have Now Passed

As we’ve been using the blog to speak the occasional memorial words when one of the Metal providers leaves this plane of existence, I felt that when its appropriate to do so, that some thoughts should be compiled when someone of note reaches a big anniversary year. That being said, isn’t it amazing to realize that bassist Cliff Burton from Metallica has been gone for twenty five years? If memory serves me correctly I was at a street festival with a bunch of fellow musicians when we learned the news. In those days you heard about it on the radio stations and maybe television if they felt the person was worth bringing up to the viewers. Life before instant connection to the Internet was very different. Still we got by.

Cliff was beloved by the Metal community for his interesting bass techniques and creativity. As a member of Metallica he was a crucial creative piece and made their early works all the more interesting. He recorded their first three albums and it would be during their Damage Inc. tour for the “Master Of Puppets” album that we would lose him. A tour bus accident would be the culprit in the end and while many still wonder how this could have happened, it did and Cliff was gone. The guys were in Sweden at the time of this occurrence.
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R.I.P. Mike Starr, former bassist of Alice In Chains (3/9/2011)

Bassist Mike Starr

The PiercingMetal Command Center was saddened to learn of the death of bassist Mike Starr today who was found dead in his Salt Lake City, Utah home at the age of 44.  The police DO NOT expect foul play as the cause but the results from the medical examiner will take a few months to determine. The musician appeared on the third season of “Celebrity Rehab” where he showcased his own personal struggle with addiction and while he seemed a bit frantic during this particular season, he did end up getting it together for the case of his own health. He and fellow show participant Tom Sizemore each appeared on the season four showing of this program and had been sober/clean for a number of months. Starr was arrested in February of 2011 with possession of several controlled substances so perhaps his own sobriety was not as long lived as his family and friends would have hoped. Let’s see what the medical experts report when they make that assessment.

Musically speaking, Starr was a founding member of the Alice In Chains band and appeared on their earliest and most seminal works such as “Facelift”  (1990), “Sap” (1992) and “Dirt” (1992).  Although he does NOT appear on the bands “Unplugged” album he can be heard on two tracks on the bands “Live” album.   I don’t think I need to speak more on how important the band was to the Seattle Sound and the Grunge Movement as a whole, but I will say that out of the crop of bands that appeared during this time, how Alice In Chains with Mike as a member were one of the best and most promising.

We express our deepest condolences to his family and fans as well as his former band mates.  If the cause gets cited as being from an overdose then I will feel all the more sad, because I hate when this kind of shit takes talented people away from us.   Some view the “Celebrity Rehab” show as sensationalizing the addiction recovery process, but I think at the end of the day it does good and showcases just how hard it is to overcome this kind of problem.

Photo used comes credited to “Iris Peace and Love”.

RIP: Phil Kennemore, Bassist of Y&T (1/7/2011)

Today is a sad day for fans of the legendary rockers Y&T, as long time founding bassist Phil Kennemore has passed away after a short battle with cancer. He was 57 years old.  He is a musician that will be missed by many.  An official statement has been made by his long time band mate and Y&T co-founder Dave Meniketti which can be read on the main page of the bands website HERE. Kennemore and Meniketti were the only original members in the group which was brought to Hard Rock life in 1974. They were briefly called Yesterday and Today, but shortened it to the classic “Y&T” which like their material, has withstood the ever shifting musical times.

Phil Rocking @ B.B. King's In 2009

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