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“Howdilly Doodilly” by Okilly Dokilly

Artist: Okilly Dokilly
Title: “Howdilly Doodilly”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 11/11/2016
Genre: Nedcore
Rating: 4/5

Heavy Metal music is truly one of the diverse forms of tuneage that I have ever listened to and if you doubt me on this proclamation then I say “Away thee knave!!!” because it not with absolute certainty that I stand behind this somewhat bold statement. As a music scribe I am quite fortunate and even sometimes unfortunate with what I get to hear and discuss with you and some things are profoundly interesting while others are profoundly ridiculous and I am thinking that the band I am discussing here falls to the latter. The band’s name is Okilly Dokilly and they are the first ever completely Ned Flanders (of The Simpsons) based Metal band. You’ve probably read that line back a couple of times and checked if your glasses were clear enough but I am not kidding – Okilly Dokilly is a Ned Flanders Heavy Metal band. Their album is called “Howdilly Doodilly” which would be how Flanders would say “how do you do” I guess even though his usual greeting on the show is a little different.
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