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“FEFU The DVD” by The Dwarves

Artist: The Dwarves
Title: “FEFU The DVD”
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 9/26/2006
Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Rating: 3/5

Now here is a DVD that fans of that very abrasive and very politically incorrect band The Dwarves will just eat up. Its main reason for existing is to promote the mini-film video for their song “FEFU”, which means “F**k, Eat and Eat”. The band includes two versions of the song with one being dirty and the other “clean”; I must stress that this is for mature audiences only since the dirty version indulges the viewer with dozens of naked Suicide Girls, who are of course drenched in blood for good measure and added shock value I am guessing. The song itself is rather simplistic, but has an appealing industrial-mixed groove to it. The clean version only omits the cussing and limits but does not delete the amount of topless dancing. The cursing is replaced by erotic moans of pleasure, so I am not too sure how clean that actually is. The video was directed by Bob Sexton and they include a making of the video which comes from the “Dwarves Must Die” album. Obviously banned based on its content, the “making of” feature also gives the viewer a lot more Suicide Girls.
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