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Joe Perry Project @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (11/10/2009)

The Joe Perry Project was back in NYC and hot on the heels of releasing their first new album in many years – “Have Guitar Will Travel”. The interesting thing about tonight’s fun was that the gig arrived on the same day that the news broke stories across all mediums about long time singer Steven Tyler having quit the ranks of Aerosmith. That being said everyone was wondering what exactly the show would hold for us. Would Joe excise the Aerosmith numbers from his set and not mention this at all, or would it be focused on and discussed at breaks in some detail. I was fortunate enough to be at this show and to say that it was loaded with surprises would be an understatement. Check out the story and whatever photos I was able to get from where I stood as a part of the general populace this evening by scrolling down.

Logo - Joe Perry

Artist: Joe Perry Project
Venue: The Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Opener: The Lost Souls
Date: 11/10/2009
Label: Roman Records

Ladies and Gentlemen presenting the return of the Joe Perry Project, the band that features none other than veteran Rock guitarist Joe Perry of Aerosmith. This gig in and of itself would be cooler than cool but I had to say that the most interesting thing about it was that it came on the tail end of the news that long time singer Steven Tyler had quit the ranks of Aerosmith after fronting the band for almost forty years. Reported over a number of media outlets across the radio, internet and whatever else brings people the words of the day, this was news that no one really expected to hear and those who had seen the band while on tour over the summer with ZZ Top said they witnessed a band that was still on top of their game and showing many more years of rocking to come. It would be interesting to see what and if Joe mentioned about this tonight in front of his diehard fans in the Fillmore NY venue in The Big Apple. Given that it is not secret news I think everyone in the room was expecting some kind of statement from him about the situation and how Aerosmith intends to rectify it. Perry had a band called The Lost Souls opening up for them and they were a rocking three piece Funk Rock/Blues band for lack of a better term and I arrived a little later than planned and didn’t see their full set. I did enjoy what I saw however and would catch them again if at all possible. There was a lot of groove to their sound and the three musicians all delivered commendably. A quick set change was up next and Joe Perry was on the stage ready to Rock.
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