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“Hard Rock Treasures” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Hard Rock Treasures”
Label: MPI Home Video
Release Date:
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

If you have ever paid a visit to the Hard Rock Café in your life then you know firsthand that the contents of the place are a veritable Rock and Roll Museum. No matter where you focus your attention you will see some of the most important pieces of music history. There are costumes galore from bands such as KISS, performers like Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury and if you’re a fan of guitars well then here is the real treat. The axes of the very founding fathers of musical genres are present within these walls and you will find Tony Iommi’s hardware alongside Eric Clapton and Cheap Tricks Rick Nielsen’s in range of Ace Frehley’s. Truly, a guitarists dream and you can almost feel the music coming off them as you stare in wonder. Once your head clears and the magic of these items in full dissipates you will most probably find yourself asking, “How on Earth do they find and even get this stuff?” This DVD provides the answer to this question and gives you a great background on the Hard Rock itself. For 90 minutes you are the traveling companion of Don Bernstine, the “Indiana Jones of Rock & Roll” as he travels the world visiting auctions at Christie’s and the homes of some of the most royal of rock royalty as he interviews and obtains treasures from their collection for use in the HRC. There are some historic moments as Don gets the guitar used for many of the early Sabbath records from Iommi and items from Jimmy Page who had for years never parted with any of his performance artifacts.
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