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Legendary KISS Display @ Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City (10/5/2009)

You never know what you are going to see when you go traveling and decide to pay attention to that which is around you. That being said I offer up this brief narrative and the suggestion to always have some kind of camera onhand.

kiss logo

I had spent the previous day and night in Atlantic City to get away from the hustle and bustle of Metal Media Madness in NYC and when I realized that I was near the Hard Rock Cafe over there I went in and joked with the staff to “point me to the KISS stuff” and the unexpected answer was “just walk down this corridor since its all right there”. Indeed it was as these couple of photos clearly demonstrate demonstrate.

KISS Display Case - Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City, NJ
KISS Display Case - Hard Rock Cafe Atlantic City, NJ

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“Woodstock” 40th Anniversary Celebration @ Hard Rock Cafe Times Square

PiercingMetal.com was on hand this past Thursday, June 4th as Warner Home Video celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the “Woodstock” Film by holding a gala celebration at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.  The event was set to feature a number of key figures who had been involved in the production of the film along with several musical guests of note.  As you see by the photo below, the entire tourist and business populace of the Times Square area were made aware that something special was happening inside this evening and being a part of it was indeed an honor.

Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square Marquee
Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square Marquee

After we walked into the Hard Rock Cafe we were led to the “Green Carpet” area where various media outlets were at the ready to bring the story about this event to the public.  I stood off to the side and jotted down notes while Peter Parrella (aka “Skeleton Pete” shot all of the carpet happenings.

Promotional Sign for the Director's Cut DVD
Promotional Sign for the Director's Cut DVD

About The New DVD: “Woodstock” 3 Days Of Peace And Music is an Oscar winning documentary that not only captured an incredible music festival with amazing bands but also gave a keen insight to the way that America was back in 1969.  The films director originally worked with almost 300 hours of film and from this a rather lengthy and gripping view of sixties culture was delivered.   The show drew together a half a million people and was one of the largest gatherings for a single concert performance and would hold this title for many, many years to come.  The Director’s Cut of the DVD now features an additional two hours of footage that was never before seen and offers up some musical performances that were omitted from the original.  There are a number of versions that the discerning consumer can purchase.

In addition to the celebrities involved we also had the chance to enjoy some actual artifacts from the historic festival event such as authentic Woodstock clothing and a t-shirt that was purchased by Graham Nash who had also performed at the show.  There were posters and some guitars as well.

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Hard Rock Cafe @ Yankee Stadium Grand Opening Celebration with Ace Frehley

hard rock cafe yankee stadium, hard rock cafe yankee stadium grand opening
Welcome to Yankee Stadium

The answer to the question about whether the PiercingMetal.com Editor leans to either the Yankees or the Mets might be solved by the very existence of this article as it finds me being on point for an affair at the brand new Yankee Stadium as the new Hard Rock Café opened its doors with the help of Ace Frehley, Scott Ian, Frank Bello, Anton Fig and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels today. That’s not a bad show of New York musical support and when you add former Yankee Bernie Williams to the mix you have a really rousing opening. I’ve been to the Hard Rock Café a number of times at its other locations and even reviewed a couple of shows that had gone on there, so when the chance arose to see Ace and the Anthrax guys open up the new one I could hardly resist. Here is how the opening day experience went down for those who have interest in learning more.

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Skid Row @ Hard Rock Cafe (10/29/2006)

Logo - Skid Row

Artist: Skid Row
Venue: Hard Rock Café (New York, NY)
Date: 10/29/2006
Label: SPV Records

There is nothing like a Rock And Roll Halloween Party and tonight at The Hard Rock Café, a small amount of lucky fans of the Eddie Trunk radio show “Friday Night Rocks” would be able to enjoy a free show performed by Skid Row. Trunk has been doing a Halloween bash for a couple of years now, with Overkill and Skid Row being part of the past shindigs. The choice of venue was excellent because it is the brand new Hard Rock Café on Broadway in Times Square and the place if magnificent. Not only do you get a mini Rock museum but also deep inside you have cool bars and a great stage to see some hot music groups deliver the goods upon. It was my first time in the place so I was interested in seeing the lights and hearing the sound system given my venue knowledge from places such as Irving Plaza, B.B. Kings, and Nokia Theatre. It was a pleasant surprise as this is one great space and perfect for an intimate show, special event party like this, or industry/fan club showcases. To gain entry you had to listen to Eddies show and win access or email him on a specified time and day. I was not sure of the actual headcount but it did look at about 300 people and many of them were in costumes – after all this was a Halloween Bash. A contest for most popular costume was done first and included celebrity guest judges Mike Piazza (former NY Mets) and Michael Wagener (music super producer). The winners were a sexy nun and some sort of giant fly guy. I felt there were better ones around me but they didn’t get selected for the contest. With the formalities over, it was time to Rock & Roll with Skid Row.
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“Hard Rock Treasures” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Hard Rock Treasures”
Label: MPI Home Video
Release Date:
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

If you have ever paid a visit to the Hard Rock Café in your life then you know firsthand that the contents of the place are a veritable Rock and Roll Museum. No matter where you focus your attention you will see some of the most important pieces of music history. There are costumes galore from bands such as KISS, performers like Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury and if you’re a fan of guitars well then here is the real treat. The axes of the very founding fathers of musical genres are present within these walls and you will find Tony Iommi’s hardware alongside Eric Clapton and Cheap Tricks Rick Nielsen’s in range of Ace Frehley’s. Truly, a guitarists dream and you can almost feel the music coming off them as you stare in wonder. Once your head clears and the magic of these items in full dissipates you will most probably find yourself asking, “How on Earth do they find and even get this stuff?” This DVD provides the answer to this question and gives you a great background on the Hard Rock itself. For 90 minutes you are the traveling companion of Don Bernstine, the “Indiana Jones of Rock & Roll” as he travels the world visiting auctions at Christie’s and the homes of some of the most royal of rock royalty as he interviews and obtains treasures from their collection for use in the HRC. There are some historic moments as Don gets the guitar used for many of the early Sabbath records from Iommi and items from Jimmy Page who had for years never parted with any of his performance artifacts.
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