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“History Of Terror” (Boxed Set) by Hallows Eve

Artist: Hallows Eve
Title: “History Of Terror” Boxed Set
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 5/16/2006
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 4/5

Hallow’s Eve was a Thrash Metal band that back in 1985 made a fairly decent impact on the genre but for some reason did not receive the level of acclaim that was deserved of them. Faster and harder than some of their peers the band used Punk elements together with Thrash for maximum effect but they would still be overshadowed by the Slayer’s and Anthrax’s when it came down to it. It would not be the first time this occurred and thanks to the people at Metal Blade Records, fans of the group or those who only heard the name now get to enjoy all three of the bands albums in remastered form. On top of this you also get a ton of bonus demo and live recordings that will not be found anywhere else. The 4 disk boxed set does the job right by including a DVD as the fourth disk. Similar to the Fates Warning re-issue of “Awaken The Guardian”, this album includes not one show but instead four different performances from such venues as The Chance, Swizzles and The Rock Capitol Of Brooklyn L’Amour. Unfortunately the sonic level on a lot of these live performances is less than stellar but the idea is to take it for what it is and that is as footage that you would never get otherwise. It’s a daunting collection for the casual listener but the perfect release for those Metal Music historians who can especially use this in comparisons on how the genre evolved over time. Hallow’s Eve probably influenced a lot more bands than give them the credit for doing so as it was sheer brutality at a time where this aspect of Metal was still growing into existence. Packaged in a slipcase the release includes booklets that line out the bands beginnings and gives the listener a better insight into the time period that this all happened in music. They are loaded with lyrics and photos from the era. This is an incredible set that is a worthwhile purchase for any Metal head to buy, as quite honestly even though I myself was not as aware of the band I found this listen on the educational side as far as Thrash Metal’s earliest adventurers were concerned.
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