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SUNN O))) Announces US Live Actions For 2016

Logo - Sunn O)))

I’m constantly trying to keep our readers in the aware when it comes to the touring bands that are out there because with legends like Black Sabbath heading towards their final shows, the fans are going to need to start looking into other groups. It’s also a great time to explore the different avenues taken by some bands to learn just how extraordinary the selection is, That said here is the latest information on the Experimental Drone group SUNN O)))

Tour - Sunn O - 2016

The Press Release:
SUNN O))) has just announced a series of US tour dates for the Spring months, including several massive festival performances.

Following the band’s run through Australia, with shows in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne in mid-March, SUNN O))) will tour though the Southern US in April. First, the band will perform at Big Ears Fest in Knoxville on April 2nd, appearing as one of the main acts alongside the likes of Yo La Tengo, Sun Ra Arkestra, Andrew Bird, Wolf Eyes, and more. The festival will be immediately followed by shows in Nashville, Athens, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Tampa through April 8th. Later that month, SUNN O))) will travel to Austin to take part in Levitation 2016, playing Saturday, April 30th with Brian Wilson, Animal Collective, The Black Angels, Boris, Sleep, The Thurston Moore Group, and countless more.
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“1” and “Dog Days” by Goatsnake

Artist: Goatsnake
Title: “I” & “Dog Days”
Label: Southern Lord
Release Date: 9/21/2004
Genre: Doom Metal
Rating: 7/10

As I listened to Goatsnake, I was convinced that if Black Sabbath started today that they would be considered a Stoner/Doom Metal band instead of the Fathers Of Heavy Metal that they became. Goatsnake is so influenced by the Sabbath sound that you almost feel as though you are listening to rough demos of the band or unreleased tracks. Solid from top to bottom, this album takes two of the band’s long out of print releases and gives them to you in one handy CD. The guitars buzz and drone along with a steady pulse, while the drums thud like you are in the studio listening to them perform. The members of the band include Greg Rogers (drums), Guy Pinnas (bass), Pete Stahl (vocals/harp), and Greg Anderson (guitars). Anderson is also the founder of Southern Lord records and a member of Sunn 0))). The music of Goatsnake is more traditional than that of his other band, and far less experimental. Stoner/Doom Metal is rising in popularity and it’s interesting to see in a time when Progressive nature seems to be taking control more and more. Back-to-basics traditionalism is more the way of Stoner Metal, and in this capacity Goatsnake surely delivers. I had no real favorites offhand but enjoyed the full flow of the album itself. There is a certain head-banging in each of the tunes across the span of the record. The lyrics are included for you to enjoy on a 4 page foldout, but I have to admit I found it difficult to read based on the black and gold color scheme. This is a great CD for those that love the simple groove and heavy drone of Sabbath-styled riffing and lyrical content. Get trampled by the Goatsnake.
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“Black One” by Sunn O)))

Artist: Sunn 0)))
Title: “Black One”
Label: Southern Lord Music
Release Date: 10/18/2005
Genre: Doom/Subsonic Metal
Rating: 5/10

I began listening to this with an open mind and as it progresses into the first track on the CD you will find that this is a very smart and necessary position to take. The band Sunn 0))) perform what is called “Subsonic Metal” and call it what you will it seemed like I was listening to a lot of power chords being played or tune ups of the guitar that was brought to its lowest possible note and echoed over and over. It was not until track four which reminded me a little of an air raid siren in the distance or fire alarm that I even heard the semblance of drums. Don’t get me wrong, it is an interesting idea and it slows down so much that it makes Stoner and Doom Metal seem fast. I admit that everything seems to have an audience these days and that I clearly did not get what these guys were doing but there is an overall creepiness and drama showcased that is quirkily enjoyable. It was almost like listening to background music that is suitable for walking through a graveyard at night or some other spooky surrounding. While there are seven tracks on the CD the majority of them lead into one another and unless you are paying careful attention you will not realize you are in the next tune. It has some similarity to the band Monolithe who delivered a 45 or so minute song and used a lot of the ambient and atmospheric musical experiments that Sunn 0))) does here.
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