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“Greensleeves” by A Tragic Setback

Artist: A Tragic Setback
Title: “Greensleeves”
Label: 12/22/2014
Release Date:
Genre: Christmas Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

Just the other day I posted a Christmas cover by the band Edge Of Paradise which properly prepared me for the annual holiday experience of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra who I see each and every year around this time. Upon arriving home I was filled with the generous holiday spirit and was pleased as some quality spiked punch to find an email about yet another free Christmas tune being delivered to the Metal masses and this time it comes from the band A Tragic Setback who delivers a throttling rendition of “Greensleeves”. Now historically speaking this song has been around since the 1500’s and I am positive that you have heard its melodies over the years in some form or another. It was associated with Christmas in late 1600 and I must thank Wikipedia for the quick history lesson about that since I only knew that the song was rather old.
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