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Marvel Comics First Issues Coming In October 2016

Welcome to October my comic book loving friends, there is certainly a lot of awesome stuff coming out this month. We’re going to get a new version of The Champions which should be interesting to read based on who forms the roster along with some Spider-Man related stuff that deals with the clone stuff from years ago in a few titles. Let’s see how that works out. As usual the press copy comes from their resources along with the artwork but I will chime in at the close. Almost all of these titles come with numerous variant covers if you collect them and a focus on this group is that of “Champions” and the still being done “Hip Hop” covers. Hey Marvel, how about some Rock and Roll covers for the fans of that stuff. Let’s go.

"Cage" #1
“Cage” #1

CAGE! #1 (of 4): From the Award-Winning creator of Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Hotel Transylvania! On the mean streets of Harlem, shoes are big, shirts are large, bottoms are belled and crime is rampant! But in the heart of the city, the world’s hardest-working, smack-talking, chain-wearing super hero is on the street and on the case! And his rates are reasonable! He’s CAGE! and he’ll save your behind. Dig it!

Genndy Tartakovsky (W) • Genndy Tartakovsky (A/C)

"Civil War: Oath" #1
“Civil War: Oath” #1

CIVIL WAR II: THE OATH #1: The epilogue to the blockbuster event CIVIL WAR II! In the aftermath of war, Tony Stark and Carol Danvers both turn to the one person they can trust…Steve Rogers, Captain America. Uh-oh…

Nick Spencer (W) • Rod Reis (A); Cover By Jeff Dekal
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