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As I Lay Dying @ Gramercy Theatre

AILD returns to NYC for the “Burn To Emerge” Tour with support from Whitechapel and Shadow of Intent. Don’t miss this show if you like these bands.

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Airbourne @ Gramercy Theatre

Airbourne is back in the New York Groove after far too long an absence. Don’t miss the exciting band if you like the way they do things.

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CANCELLED: Thy Art Is Murder @ Gramercy Theatre

Based on the growing concerns around the Coronavirus Pandemic. This show and the full on tour has been cancelled. There is no rescheduled dates to speak of at the time of this update.

Thy Art Is Murder is back in the New York Metal Groove and will decimate the Gramercy with some help from Fit For An Autopsy, Enterprise Earth, Aversions Crown and Extinction AD. Get ready for the circle pit of your life.

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CANCELLED: Insomnium @ Gramercy Theatre

Based on concerns over the growing Coronavirus (Covid-19) this concert has been cancelled. There is no rescheduled date and refunds are available at point of purchase.

Insomnium will bring NYC numerous waves of Finnish Doom Metal and be joined by Omnium Gatherum and Seven Spires.

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Cult Of Luna @ Gramercy Theatre

The Cult Of Luna is back in NYC and brings along Emma Ruth Rundle and Intronaut as support. Come out early and see the whole show. You know you wanna.

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