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The Songwriter Says Goodnight; Peppi Marchello of The Good Rats Has Passed Away (7/10/2013)

It’s with great sadness that I share with the readers the news about the passing of Peppi Marchello of the legendary Good Rats. He was 68 years old and it was a heart attack that took The Songwriter from us last night.

Peppi Marchello at B.B. King Blues Club (2013)
Peppi Marchello at B.B. King Blues Club (2013)

Since I was a latecomer to the music of The Good Rats I have to thank some friends who really liked them and made sure that I was able to get some exposure to the sound much later than their original heyday. My friend Rocky had a shop that was pretty much the only place you could find their CD’s, and I actually first saw Peppi and his sons do their version of The Good Rats at a local bar in Bay Ridge. Lucky for the fans of these classic tunes, the original band would reunite for shows at the B.B. King Blues Club and sell out each and every show. Speaking honestly about him, I could tell you that Peppi Marchello was a fantastic front man that kept you engaged throughout the show with casual audience conversation or a quick joke that made you feel as though you were watching an old friend dish out some tunes as opposed to being an iconic area music figure. For those who never had the chance to see the Rats, I should mention that Peppi was known for playing air guitar on a baseball bat and this same bat would later smash a garbage can which he used to store the rubber rats that had been brought along for the audience to catch (if they were lucky). The interesting thing about the Good Rats is the wealth of great material that so many people still have yet to discover. During their original touring time, they were the band that other groups aspired to be like. One such band is Twisted Sister but there are numerous others for sure. The Rolling Stone referred to them as “The world’s most famous unknown band” and it was not for lack of hard work and resolve. After any of their shows Peppi would never shy away from talking to his supporters and even at his age was performing about 100 gigs a year with his band.
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Good Rats @ B.B. King Blues Club (4/16/2010)

The Good Rats were back in NYC and doing another one of their reunion shows.  I caught them doing this last year and it was a very good time so I was not going to miss the chance to enjoy it once again.   If memory serves me, back in 2009 there were two shows being held and they were on different nights but this evening one would follow the other.  The early show held the most appeal for me so that is the one we are reporting on and you can enjoy the scoop about the whole show by scrolling on down below.

Logo - Good Rats

Artist: The Good Rats
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New Yotk, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 4/16/2010
Label: Uncle Rat Music

While March had really blown the doors off for the Metal community, I had to say that in looking at the shows hitting us in April that the month was off to a pretty respectable start itself. So far it had been focused on the Rock and Roll side of the fence and given us some great memories to carry across the span of the whole year in terms of the music that it was delivering to the fans. This Good Rats performance at the venerated B.B. King Blues Club seemed to be the perfect treat for those that managed to get their taxes done and gone, and for those who chose to up their entertainment ante a little bit there would be not only one, but two performances this evening for them to enjoy. Last week we had the American Led Zeppelin guys of Cactus out and about at this same space and they really gave us a heavy dose of Blues laden Hard Rock to chew on all week. Tonight was more about the Classic Rock side of things as the “Greatest Band You Never Heard Of In Your Life” was reunited once again and prepared to dish out some really incredible tunes. Here is how the event went down should you have been one of the folks that missed out on the fun.
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2009: The Concerts and Events

Now that I’ve lined out all the music that blew me away during the 2009 year, its time to lend my focus on the Concerts and Events that we attended. In looking back on it, I would have to say that 2009 was probably the biggest year that I ever had as a music writer and photographer based on not only how many cool concerts there were, but how many I was able to find myself taking part in for your eventual entertainment as readers of the site. I think that I caught something like 95 shows which is a new record for me and probably one that will be very difficult to beat but of course I have been saying this for three years. Below are some of the events that I felt were the most exciting of them all.

The Best Concerts of 2009:

“Paganfest USA – 2”: This time around the tour would feature Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Primordial, Blackguard and Swashbuckle and really be an impressive one. What made it exciting for me was the chance to see Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow and Primordial for the most part because none of these bands had ever done a proper tour in the USA. I found Blackguard to be a nice surprise as well.

Judas Priest & Whitesnake (Epic Records/SPV Records): Judas Priest would celebrate their 30th Anniversary of the “British Steel” albums while the Snake would be celebrating two incredible releases of their own. The show featured a solid set from both bands and was a gig that many would talk about for months. According to reports, Priest recorded one of the shows and plans for the video/audio to be released with a special edition of “British Steel”. Whitesnake in turn also released deluxe editions of both “Slide It In” and “Slip Of The Tongue” this year.

Marduk @ The Gramercy Theatre (Candlelight Records): After having missed the Blackenedfest a few months earlier, Marduk was on US Soil to crush the Metal legions. This was an intense show that delivered on all counts and impressed all those fans who had wanted to see them a few months earlier.

Saxon @ B.B. King Blues Club (SPV Records): Saxon had not done a proper US tour in some years and this NYC show would be one of two appearances and be done for a sold out room. The mood and the Metal were intense this evening and proved to many that the Old School glory of traditional Metal had not and will never subside.

Paul McCartney @ Citi Field: I was lucky to catch one of the three performances by Sir Paul McCartney who did a night of wonderful tunes. Lots of Beatles and lots of Wings, which is all classic stuff and still relevant to all fans of good ole Rock & Roll. A DVD/CD would be released of this historic visit.

The 69 Eyes @ Gramercy Theatre (The End Records): The Helsinki Vampires were “Back In Blood” supporting a new album that really delivered the goods and reminded their fans why they remain so special to them. It also featured the talents of Dommin and The Becoming. A very dark night in NYC to say the least.

Mayhem @ The Fillmore NY (Season Of Mist Records): This was called the Blackened Metal Fest and while it depressed some that Marduk was off the tour, the True Mayhem delivered a frightening and powerful set of Black Metal that focused on the bands influential years.

KISS @ Madison Square Garden (KISS Records): Love them or hate them, NYC and Madison Square Garden are nothing less than home for KISS and their show always pulls out all the stops. The rousing good time celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the “Alive” CD and found much of the set focused on that live classic. A lot of other different and more unexpected numbers were in place this time around which made it a great experience. I could have done without Buckcherry as they bored me with their set.
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The Good Rats @ B.B. King Blues Club (4/25/2009)

Logo - Good Rats

Artist: The Good Rats
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 4/25/2009
Label: Independent Artist

If you are a fan of the Heavy Metal genre then I am rather certain that by now you are very well aware of the band Anvil a little bit more nowadays based on a movie that was done about their consistent struggle at fame and fortune in the music industry game. The film shed some serious light on just how hard this business is and showed that not everyone manages to find the success that they so richly seem to deserve. With that being said, what about those bands that have been at their craft for many years longer and didn’t have the luxury of a movie to help them snare some of that long overdue attention. One such band is the New York based Good Rats who were formed in 1964 and were one of those Long Island club circuit bands that played out over and over and based on their ardent support base would find almost every gig that was done being sold out with no room to breathe in the venue. The band’s most popular lineup consisted of lead singer Peppi Marchello and his brother Mickey (guitarist) along with John “The Cat” Gatto (guitar), Lenny Kotke (bass) and Joe Franco (drums) who together released a number of Hard Rocking and melodic albums. Despite the bands devoted fan base, the stratospheric heights that some bands manage to attain somehow eluded the Rats but I guess in the Rock and Roll world there are more stories like this than there are not and that is what made a night like tonight rather special because it would find the classic lineup of the band reunited and performing for the second of two sold out nights at Times Squares popular venue B.B. King Blues Club & Grill. Having been from the generation that came after this bands heyday I was glad to be a part of the fun tonight since I had long been enjoying the music of the group on such great CD’s as “Tasty” and “Ratcity In Blue”. For those who might be in the unaware, the music of the Good Rats was at times very hard rocking and always very melodic with some cool backing vocals and hooks.
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