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“Ghouls Gone Wild” by Various Artists

Artist: Various
Title: Ghouls Gone Wild
Label: Poptown Records
Release Date: August 13, 2007
Genre: Horror Punk, Rockabilly, You Name It
Rating: 4/5

This seventeen-track compilation can’t be easily pigeonholed into one genre category, but each tune is somehow horror-related and all are a coffinload of fun. Horror rock compilations are a dime a dozen and there are several that blow this one out of the water, but the sheer variety of sounds and tone here save the day, as well as the contrast of old stalwarts such as the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and Electric Frankenstein against She Wolves and Calabrese. Perfect for your Halloween party dance floor, this one’s just a stone hoot, especially the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black’s classic “You Sley Me,” and the Groovie Ghoulies’ (not the cartoon characters) hilarious “The Beast With Five Hands.” It’s by no means perfect, but if you like this kind of stuff you won’t be disappointed.
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