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Marvel To Celebrate July’s “Astonishing X-Men” #1 with “X-Men Trading Card” Variants

I’ve really been enjoying the means to broadcast the awesome variant covers that have been coming our way from the Marvel Comics side of the fence and hopefully you’ve managed to secure a few of this month’s “Mary Jane Watson” variants if you are collecting this sort of thing. I lined out the assorted covers on THIS POST so make sure you give it a look over once more if you are in the comic book shop so you get them. Now its time for Marvel to celebrate the launch of the brand new title “Astonishing X-Men” which is hitting the racks in July. The full press release and the images that were provided from the Marvel Press team are below. I’ll close up with some thoughts at the end.

The Press Release:
Prepare to Be ASTONISHED With X-MEN TRADING CARD VARIANT COVERS! Celebrating The Launch of ASTONISHING X-MEN #1 This July! You read that right! We said X-MEN TRADING CARDS. As a team comprised of some of the most fan-favorite mutants ever assembled join forces in the pages of July’s ASTONISHING X-MEN #1, Marvel is bringing the fanfare and returning to one of the most iconic pieces of X-Men history by one of its most famed artists! To celebrate the launch of this must-read new series, Marvel’s Merry Mutants take your comic shop by storm throughout the month of July for a series of nearly thirty X-MEN TRADING CARD VARIANTS by legendary artist Jim Lee!

Remastered and recolored from the original trading cards, relive this iconic era of the Children of the Atom with a series of eye-popping covers. Originally penciled by legendary X-Men artist Jim Lee with inker Scott Williams, colorists such as Jesus Aburtov, Israel Silva & Chris Sotomayor apply modern coloring techniques to these classic masterpieces! Look for these can’t-miss X-MEN TRADING CARD VARIANTS on your favorite Marvel titles, coming exclusively to comic shops throughout the month of July:

1. ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #22 (Archangel)

“All-New Wolverine” #22 (X-Men Trading Card Variant)

2. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #30 (Bishop)

“Amazing Spider-Man” #30 (X-Men Trading Card Variant)

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Marvel Comics First Issues Coming In May 2017

Welcome to our Merry Media Month of May my Friends, I hope you are ready for some Marvel-ous times this month. It appears that we not only have a whole fresh crop of first issues launching this month but the much-anticipated sequel to “Guardians Of The Galaxy” will open up this coming Friday. Some of the new series have a second issue coming out this month so I said what the heck and decided to share that here in this post as well. As usual the cover art and overall premise of these titles comes from the House Of Ideas itself and while there are NUMEROUS variant covers coming out for so many of these issues, I have only placed the cover of the main standard issues. We have a lot of ground to cover in this one so let’s get started shall we? Here we go.

“Secret Empire” #1

SECRET EMPIRE #1 (of 9): It’s been building for months, across a bevy of titles! But now, the moment has arrived for Steve Rogers to step into the light and declare his allegiance to Hydra! How can the heroes of the Marvel Universe cope with this shattering betrayal by the most trusted figure among them? And what will this mean for the world? The map of the Marvel Universe changes in ways nobody will expect — TRUST THE SECRET EMPIRE!


“Secret Empire” #2

SECRET EMPIRE #2 (of 9): Enshrouded in darkness, plagued by the minions of Baron Mordo and cut off from all assistance, The Defenders and Doctor Strange struggle to save the lives of the innocent people consigned to this hell on Earth. Will Dagger prove to be the key to stopping this nightmare? Meanwhile, will the appearance of a new hero provide Iron Man with the key to Captain America’s startling change? THE SECRET EMPIRE WILL DEFEND YOU!

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Billy Idol @ Hammerstein Ballroom (9/15/2010)

Logo - Billy Idol

Artist: Billy Idol
Venue: Hammerstein Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 9/15/2010
Label: Virgin Music

I had a such a blast the last time that Billy Idol came through town and when he announced that he would be coming back to the Hammerstein Ballroom again I knew I wanted to be there but alas could not based on the band Kamelot and their long awaited return to NYC and US regional touring. Sadly, the reports started coming in with only weeks before the tour that their lead singer Khan was ill and would not make the tour. Initially a replacement would be in the band but it would not be long before the entire tour was cancelled. With the free night now at hand I quickly arranged the means to be a part of the show being held by the legendary New Wave Punker.

At the last show Billy was supporting the release of a very solid Greatest Hits package that also featured a DVD of his classic videos. There was no new album to speak of but he did do a concert DVD entitled “Live Super Overdrive” and I had reviewed it on the site when it came out. It was a good one, but chopped up in terms of content proving that it was not the best representation of such a man in concert. If you must have this piece then buy it but be sure to get yourself tickets to a show while he is still doing it because he rocks. As soon as he hit the stage after what seemed to be no opening band, Billy was on the move and delivering his seminal hit from Generation X with “Ready, Steady, Go” which was a total surprise this early in the evening. The surprises kept coming as “Dancing With Myself” followed this one and I am sure left a lot of the fully packed house in shock since this is generally the second to last tune for the musician. Hey there is nothing wrong with getting the party started early and keeping the audience moving from the very beginning. No one was dancing with themselves in this venue at all and that was only a sign of better things to come.
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“God Save The Queen – A Punk Rock Anthology” by Various Artists

Artist: Various
Title: “God Save The Queen – A Punk Rock Anthology”
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: January 24, 2006
Genre: Punk Rock / Rock
Rating: 9/10

“God Save The Queen – A Punk Rock Anthology” is one of the best DVD collections to own to date! It has so many great bands on it, performing the songs they are best known for and some interviews are even thrown in there for an extra bonus! Simple as that, it’s a run down of some of the greatest influential bands of all time, all in their raw, crowd frenzy glory.
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