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AMC and DC to give away 100,000 copies of Preacher #1

Comic - Preacher 1 - 2016

Thanks to the fine folks at DC Comics and AMC Network, fans can get a copy of “Preacher” #1 for absolutely free so be sure to ask your local comic book shop for one when you go to pick up your weekly haul on Wednesday. The series was a compelling read for the Vertigo Comics imprint of the company and was written by Garth Ennis with art by Steve Dillon and painted covers by Glen Fabry. It was definitely a title for a more mature audience and since its final issue back in 2000 the full series has been reprinted in several collected editions for you newer readers to add to your library. The title will get its own live television show this coming Sunday and star Dominic Cooper as the “Preacher” Jesse Custer along with Ruth Negga and Joe Gilgun as Tulip and Cassidy. The cover of this free title has been drawn to show the players for the television show.
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It’s Free Comic Book Day (5/4/2013)

Well, it’s actually tomorrow but I felt that it would be better to get the word out for the masses the night before so you collectors can make your plans for some adventures at your neighborhood comic book shops. So what is “Free Comic Book Day” you might ask?

Logo - FCBD
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