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“Scarsick” by Pain Of Salvation

Artist: Pain Of Salvation
Title: “Scarsick”
Label: InsideOut Music
Release Date: 1/22/2007
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 4/5

I never followed PoS before this release so I admit in advance that their new CD would be as much a mystery to me in both band and overall sound. I had only come to the release with the understanding that the mastermind behind it all, Daniel Gildenlow, was a very politically minded and controversial individual. He does not have any fear when it comes to lining out just how sick he is with society around him. As a musical release the new album “Scarsick” is definitely complex and intriguing, it is technical and melodic, yet at the same time unpredictable on many of its tracks as it adventures into a numerous styles. I had read that he falls into the Progressive side but there are so many Metal and Power riffs presented here that this particular album might be the cause of this labeling being debated going forward. He begins with an almost Rap like track that brought to mind Rage Against The Machine with a little Faith No More by the lyrical mannerisms, and when “Spitfall” began I thought I was listening to a new track by Linkin Park. It is quite an interesting start and the commentary on the release cites that this album is the culmination of work he had done in the past. Perhaps it will be easier to grab and be understood by those who followed the group from the beginning because believe me the surprises do not end here. “Cribcaged” starts off with a babies cry and comes off as a gentle ballad until he begins ranting and raving with “F-U’s” for just about everyone and everything he can get out of his system during the length of the song.
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