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Goblin Cock @ Highline Ballroom (2/11/2009)

The CD for Goblin Cock called “Come With Me If You Want To Live” had only recently arrived on my reviewers table and I did like the Doomish riffs being laid down enough to say that I enjoyed it. The timing of this was perfect as the band had also scheduled an area appearance in NYC and what better way to absorb what a band is all about than in the live sense. I made my way down to the Highline Ballroom where I would find both Orphan and Warship providing support and should you want to learn more just click the logo below to be taken to our item on the main PiercingMetal.com site. We shot photos and offered commentary about all the players this evening and it was surely an interesting time to say the least.

Logo - Goblin Cock

Artist: Goblin Cock
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Warship, Orphan
Date: 2/11/2009
Label: Rob Core Records

Having recently recieved the album “Come With Me If You Want To Live” by the band Goblin Cock and finding it somewhat interesting; I decided to catch the area appearance that was going to happen at the Highline Ballroom this evening. It was a good night to do something and since this would be the chance to absorb not one, but three new bands in concert I took a chance on it. The show would also feature Orphan and Warship so I got in early enough to see what everyone was going to be about musically. Here is how the event progressed should you have missed it and heard good things after the fact.
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From Autumn To Ashes @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (4/20/2007)

We were asked to cover the appearance of From Autumn To Ashes and Haste The Day and admittedly were not too up on the bands. We sadly missed a couple of the openers but documented the two main acts in words and photos. Those who wish to see more can scroll past the logo 🙂

Logo - From Autumn To Ashes

Artist: From Autumn To Ashes
Venue: Fillmore at Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Opener: Haste The Day
Date: 4/20/2007
Label: Vagrant Records

I have to start this piece by saying that the visceral cacophony that is the “Screamo” genre has never really been my cup of tea. While a fan of some of the most brutal Metalcore bands on the circuit, I still have to find something in this genre that gets me. This would make tonight’s performance of the bands From Autumn To Ashes and Haste The Day a little more difficult to observe as opposed to that which is Metal and more my forte. Tonight, the attending audience and their reactions to the goings on would be my best guide to formulate the words you are now reading. The gig would be at Irving Plaza which is now going by The Fillmore NY, and this would be my first time in the venue with the new name. As I walked in I was greeted with “Welcome to the Fillmore” and I admit that I was a tad surprised at this. I had no idea that a change in ownership had transpired, but better it remained a venue as opposed to something else. The two Metalcore acts would be a co-headliner and the openers for the event would be Maylene & the Sons Of Disaster, Alesana and Twelve Gauge Valentine.
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