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“For The Lions” by Hatebreed

Artist: Hatebreed
Title: “For The Lions”
Label: E1 Entertainment
Release Date: 5/5/2009
Genre: Hardcore/Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

If you are like many Metal fans who are anxiously awaiting new music from their favorite bands then it might not surprise you to realize that Hatebreed has also decided to jump in on the current trend of offering up their own take on songs that they liked and found influence in. Ladies and Gentlemen may I present the Hatebreed covers album “For The Lions” and before you go running to the hills based on this being a continuing thing that many had thought had finally run its course I have to say that from beginning to end their release is one of the most relevant out of the whole bunch of them that we saw. The premise might seem odd to the fans of the band based on their heaviness as an outfit but singer Jamey Jasta has always been someone who speaks of his influences and what groups helped his own formulate their own path of musical destruction. Based on that we find bands like Metal juggernauts Slayer and Sepultura being offered up alongside the odd choice from Metallica where the band presents us with “Escape”. Back in the day there were few Metal bands who didn’t find influence in these three powerhouse units. Where Hatebreed impressed me most was in their inclusion of legacy Punk luminaries such as D.R.I, Black Flag, and The Misfits while also paying homage to the Hardcore movement with bands like Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags and perhaps two of the most influential on the scene ever in its history with Bad Brains and Sick Of It All. The relevance of these bands combined offer the listener a great view inside the band Hatebreed themselves who by delivering these bands classics offer you the long time fan the means to find out what exactly made them work as hard as they did.
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