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“The Theory Of Intelligent Design” by Fish Karma

Artist: Fish Karma
Title: “The Theory Of Intelligent Design”
Label: Alternative Tentacle
Release Date: Experimental Metal
Genre: 6/6/2006
Rating: 2/5

Tucson, Arizona’s Fish Karma can best be described as one of the worst vocalists ever to have the gall to step in front of a mic, his voice falling somewhere between Neil Young after a swift boot to the naughty bits and the dying screech of a depleted air horn, yet his unique style fit perfectly with his role as a humorous yet often trenchant folkie. His albums “Teddy In The Sky With Magnets” (1991) and “Sunnyslope” (1993) are real head-scratchers until you get past his overwrought whine and actually listen to the lyrics, then once you’ve finished simultaneously laughing like a loon at his hilarious songs and agreeing with the observations made, you may just find yourself with a new artist to treasure. Unfortunately, Fish Karma — real name Terry Owen — appears to concentrate on his live performances, leaving his album releases rather sporadic at best, and this most recent offering is a very odd duck indeed, focusing as it does on a mostly Metal/Thrash sound.
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