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Marvel Comics Gives A First Look @ “Spider-Men II” #1

Hey there readers there’s a new Spider-Man in town, and well, while you might already know him, he is in a brand new place and a part of a bigger universe. Check out the press release that I recently received about the upcoming mini-series “Spider-Men II”.

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Spider-Men II” #1

The Press Release:
THIS IS IT, TRUE BELIEVERS! The moment five years in the making is finally here! The first time Peter Parker and Miles Morales met ended with a question — WHO IS THE MILES MORALES OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE?! Now that the Miles you know and love is with Peter in the Marvel Universe, you’re finally going to get that answer to who the OTHER Miles Morales is! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as Brian Michael Bendis (Defenders, Spider-Man) and Sara Pichelli (Spider-Man) bring you the next heart-stopping adventure for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales with Marvel Comics’ SPIDER-MEN II!

Speaking with Marvel.com, Bendis spoke towards Peter and Miles both holding onto the Spider-Man title in the Marvel Universe, “One of my favorite things about a shared universe, is that on top of what you’re writing for the characters, other things are happening to the characters, like now Miles is in the new universe, and now he’s a part of the Champions, and half of [Civil War II] was people fighting over his head, so things have changed in his life, and his relationship to the Marvel Universe is completely different than it was in the first series and that’s exciting.”
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Marvel Comics First Look @ “Darth Vader” #1 Coming June 2017

The Dark Lord of the Sith Rises! Your New Look at DARTH VADER #1 – Charles Soule & Giuseppe Camuncoli Bring You Darth Vader as You’ve Never Seen Before!

The Press Release:
The most fearsome villain in the entire galaxy returns for an all-new series — Prepare for DARTH VADER #1! This June, superstar writer Charles Soule (Poe Dameron, Astonishing X-Men) will team with chartbusting artist Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-Man) to chronicle the epic rise of one of the greatest villains in all of fiction!

marvel comics, comic book covers

When Anakin Skywalker fell, both to the pull of the dark side and to the blade of Obi-Wan Kenobi, he rose back up, more machine than man. Having lost everything that he once held dear, the one who was prophesized to bring balance to the Force instead chose a darker path. Now, in a story set directly after the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, he must take his first steps into a darker world as…Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith!

“With the all-new DARTH VADER series, we will finally get the chance to witness iconic moments in the Star Wars galaxy through the lens of one of its most famous characters,” said series editor, Jordan D. White. “With Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli at the helm, we are going to spotlight the construction of Vader’s red lightsaber, the fallout of Order 66, the beginnings of the Inquisitor program, the rise of an Empire, and many more sinister moments never seen before!”
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Marvel Comics Offers A First Look @ “Champions” #1

The Press Release:
New York, NY—August 26th, 2016 — The Marvel Universe is fractured. Heroes who once stood together now position themselves in against one another. The next generation of heroes are fed up! It’s time for a change. It’s time for a brighter tomorrow. Enter…the CHAMPIONS! Six determined young heroes out to change the world. Get ready to meet them in Marvel’s CHAMPIONS #1 – a brand-new ongoing series launching this October as the flagship title of Marvel NOW!

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1

Eisner Award winning writer Mark Waid and Eisner Award nominated artist Humberto Ramos join forces to bring you a brand new super team for a brand new era. A teen team supreme that refuses to adhere to the outdated ways of old and is ready to change the world on their own terms. It’s time to be heroes again, and Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, Nova, Viv Vision, Cyclops and the Totally Awesome Hulk are striking out on their own to make a new future. Not Avengers. Not Defenders. They are – Champions!

“To their mind – the reputation of super heroes has taken a very public beating and they’re very intent on proving to the world that super heroes still have value and still have relevance,” says writer Mark Waid in an interview with Marvel.com.

It doesn’t take a Tony Stark or Captain America to make a difference. All it takes is six young heroes and you can change the world. A new day is dawning – and these six are just getting started! Be there for their first outing as Marvel NOW! shifts into high gear in CHAMPIONS #1 – coming to comic shops and digital devices everywhere on October 5th!



Party Variant by JAY FOSGITT

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – Fosgitt Variant


marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – Ross Variant
marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – Young Variant

Champions Variant by MARK BROOKS

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – Brooks Variant

Classic Ghost Rider Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – Classic Action Figure Variant

Miles & Hulk Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER

Hip-Hop Variant by RAHZZAH

Captain America 75th Anniversary Variant Also Available

Blank Cover Available

FOC – 09/05/16, On-Sale – 10/05/16

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: As I shared in my post about the team in the “Change The World” posting, I am eager to see what kind of action this new version of The Champions will be like in terms of storytelling. Despite it being a very maligned and off-kilter team way back in the seventies, I did like The Champions back then. It might have been my youthful naivete but who knows now in this 2016 year what I was thinking at the time. Anyway, what do you think of all the variant covers and the preview pages that I’ve shared below. Let me know down in the comments if you think that this title will be of interest to you. See you next time around.

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – Preview 1
marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – Preview 2
marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – Preview 3
marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – Preview 4

Official Website: http://www.marvel.com
Official Character Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Champions_(2016_team)

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Champions” #1 – NOW Action Figure Variant

Entertainment Weekly’s First Look @ “Doctor Strange”

As we get to the close of this media year of 2015, I’m happy to share the recently released image of actor Benedict Cumberbatch as “Doctor Strange” who we are seeing in costume for the very first time thanks to the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine. Check it out.

Cover - EW - Dr Strange - 2015

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I have to say that I like the look quite a bit as he has the necessary side gray hair and the amulet. Perhaps his collar could have been a little higher but I will not complain about it. I was also rather happy with the casting of Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange since he has “that look” of the character. I also have a lot of hopes for this film and that its able to pull off the special effects that bring to mind the classic Steve Ditko era stuff. There is a full feature in the issue as well but I only had the cover image to show you here in this posting. I need to snag a copy when I hit the shops as it also features looks inside “Batman V Superman” and (shudder) “Ghostbusters”. This magazine has been really good at showcasing some of these upcoming super-hero films when they are not talking about Kardashian this or Housewives that and have even given us some first glimpses at “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Captain America: Civil War” over the last few months. What do you folks think of the visual here and if you have already read the article let me know in the comments if it was all to your liking. Until next time.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Strange_%28film%29
Official Website: http://www.ew.com/