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Happy Finnish Independence Day 2012!!!

Terve, terve my friends. Now I know that we are a tried and true US based Heavy Metal and Hard Rock website, but it is without question that we have a strong level of support for our Finnish Metal providers and with that in mind we wish them all “Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää” or Happy Independence Day if my translation is correct. Bear with me since I really do only know about five or six phrases.

Last year I suggested that our readers could reflect upon any of the Finnish Metal shows that were reported on via the tag of “Finnish Metal” but this year I wanted to reach out to you all and do some polling to pick your brain and see what bands might send you over the edge the most. So let’s get some dialogue and some education on bands that more people need to learn about my fiends, please tell me what your three very favorite Finnish Metal or Hard Rock bands might be and why this is the case for each of them. I’ll start the process so you see what I am looking for from you kind fans.
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Celebrate Finnish Independence Day 2011 With Their Metal Bands

And now for something completely different 🙂

It’s without question that Finland has been delivering some seriously amazing Metal bands to the scene for the last few years and while there are numerous favorites among the fans, I have to cite that Nightwish was my first foray into their provisions.  I first heard of the band in 1999 and was not even doing my Metal Scribe thing yet but they remain one of my own personal top picks to this day.   From this point I began to look into some of their other groups such as Sonata Arctica, Finntroll and so on.  All of these wondrous sounds would come in handy to my mental musical palate once I began to write about it.  Since becoming the Master and Commander of the PiercingMetal universe I have attended a score of concerts that the Finns have brought to our shores and based on the coverage on the site have been fortunate to meet a lot of wonderful musicians from this faraway land.

Today this bountiful provider of Metal celebrates their 94th Independence Day and I just wanted to send them all a hearty “Happy Independence Day” and raise my glass with a very loud “Kippis”.   To celebrate the occasion I copied the tag for “Finnish Metal” which was used on every concert piece that features one of their bands.  Clicking the Finnish flag below will launch that search and you can enjoy the findings.  My hope is that most of you know all the bands already but if you do not, then it is high time to do a little research and eventual purchasing.  I am pretty sure you will like what you hear.   The core website can be searched for those bands via the main page.

Click The Flag To See "Finnish Metal" Postings

One day I will get myself over there and absorb a little more of their culture.  Having seen some of my friends photos and knowing there is even more cool music makes me pretty firm in this idea.  When I do that you can be rest assured that there will be both Metal and Personal blogs written up about the journey.  Of course I will need to learn a little Finnish but luckily I have Sammy The Ambassador to help me along in that regard. Stay tuned.