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“The Glam Years” by Jet Boy

Artist: Jet Boy
Title: “The Glam Years” Movie & CD
Label: MVD Visual
Release Date: 11/20/2007
Genre: Glam Rock
Rating: 2.5/5

To say that there were hundreds upon hundreds of bands launched during the Glam Rock years of Hollywood’s Hair Metal scene in the eighties would be an understatement and while many of them seemed to be clones of each another, there were always those bands that stood out a little more based on their overall sound and band presentation. One such group was Jetboy – a group of San Francisco natives who relocated to Los Angeles to follow the scene that was happening over there based on what they had heard from their friends in other bands, most notably the guys in Guns ‘N Roses. While the band was lumped into the Hollywood Hair Metal vibe that was happening among the Glamsters, these guys had more of a Punk ethic going on when it came down to it. That made them just different enough to break bigger than some of the others but alas history would find this to not really be the case and they would remain popular more on the underground circuit and among their most staunch supporters. This DVD is the first to ever come from the band and it brings you a performance from the famous Hollywood hangout The Whisky a Go-Go. The show was filmed way back in 1986 and during this point in musical history there was not a lot of video from the up and comers so good footage is often a rarity. The concert film is done with a real amateur feel in terms of both audio and video and truly is a sign of the times against what the audience is able to capture with only a cell phone nowadays. In most cases you either had a club that pointed a camera down to the stage for live show footage or you had a friend in the crowd standing by the sound board to film you straight on as you did your set.
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