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“Winter Enclosure” by Octavia Sperati

Artist: Octavia
Title: “Winter Enclosure”
Label: Candlelight Records
Release Date: 6/14/2005
Genre: Melodic Goth
Rating: 3.5/5

Octavia Sperati does not come off at the typical signing to Candlelight Records (primarily known and appreciated for their bringing scores of Black and Death Metal to the hungry legions of fans) and this is a good thing. Remembering their demo CD, I felt that OS was more of a Melodic Doom, or Gothic Hard Rock ensemble than anything, and this feel comes across strong on all the songs present on this debut release. The large fan base of Metal bands that are fronted by females will appreciate the addition of this band; for while the group has this dynamic they also have a mostly female membership and offer you a level of difference not found in the Gothic Symphonic outfits. No epic orchestras are on this album but instead trudging doom-laden riffs fill the tracks along with understandable yet intense vocal parts. Those worried about Nightwish or Within Temptations standings need not worry about this band replacing them – but instead enhancing the female rock ethic that is being established. Starting their unique brand of Gloom Metal is “Lifelines Of Depths” which was also a favorite track of mine from the bands demo CD. The band was able to deliver many of the tracks from this demo for those that have interest in them but never were able to own a copy and as a result to don’t miss out on any of their material that got them the recording deal. Too many artists are signed and you never hear of their beginning tracks and while this might make a wonderful boxed set in the future, it needs to be issued to fans when it is most relevant and important to building the fan base.
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