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“The DVD” by Zebra

Artist: Zebra
Title: “The DVD”
Label: Independent Release/Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 3/18/2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

In 1975 Randy Jackson, Felix Hanemann and Guy Gelso formed Zebra and together the band would break house attendance records in their hometown of New Orleans. They were a Hard Rock band that came into popularity because of their excellent renditions of Rush, and most specifically Led Zeppelin tunes. They also blended in some of their original material to their nightly set and these songs were incredibly powerful and proved that they were not just some run of the mill band. After being convinced about it by Peppy Marchello (from The Good Rats), the band would relocate to Long Island, NY and become kings of the growing Rock club scene out there. It was a scene that found bands such as Twisted Sister also on the same path to success. This move found Zebra becoming immediate favorites of the club crowds on the island and it was as if the band had begun in this area as opposed to New Orleans. A record deal was soon secured on Atlantic Records where the band would release three studio albums and a live recording – the rest of course is Zebra history.
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“IV” by Zebra

Artist: Zebra
Title: “IV”
Label: Mayhem Records
Release Date: 6/28/2003
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

The Zebra CD “IV” was a long time in the making and the last time they recorded new music together was about 10 years ago. I was happy to see this released because I had been a long time supporter of the music and years ago this was one of my favorite area bands. With Zebra originally being from not so far Long Island the band used to play L’Amour all the time when it was the place to be. The group was originally a Led Zeppelin focused band until they got signed and released their self-titled album on Atlantic Records. The debut is something worth finding if you have some retailers that cater to more than just the Pop trappings of the day. The new CD is the bands fourth and it is a continuation from where they left off with several standout tracks such as “Arabian Nights” which has a very Zeppelin feel and that sort of groove that they were most known for. The three-member group of Randy Jackson (guitar/vocals), Felix Hanneman (bass/keyboards) and Guy Gelso (drums) are some of the most talented individuals around and this is proved to this day by the dedicated fans that still support them. Anyone who has seen or heard Randy Jackson especially will be amazed at how his voice as only gotten better over the years and not suffered a note as some other bands have. Other tracks that have a large impact on the release are “Angels Calling”, “Who Am I” and “So I Dance” each a solid song musically and lyrically. This was always a good band and it is a shame that they never established a larger amount of support beyond the cult status. Looking back, at least these supporters are the true fans and in the end that is all that counts.
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Zebra @ The Downtown (1/30/2004)

Logo - Zebra

Artist: Zebra
Venue: The Downtown – Farmingdale NY
Date: : 01-30-2004
Opener: Wondrous Stories

Once again I have been drawn Downtown (and I mean the cool rock club). The last time I visited was to to see Germany’s own Helloween. This time, the mood and event was quite different. Long Island NY’s very own Zebra were making a visit once again. The announcements for the show told that this time they would be recording a live CD/DVD for mass release in the near future. To my surprise, this was to be an acoustic performance. Needless to say I knew we were all in for a treat this evening. Live & Unplugged was the unofficial label for the night
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