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Walker Stalker Convention @ Meadowlands Exposition Center

Logo - Walker Stalker - 2015

The Walker Stalker Convention is back in NJ and you better be well prepared for the hordes of humanity that attends this one as the zombie apocalypse continues to drive our media interests.

Airing Tonight: “Fear The Walking Dead” (8/23/2015)

The summer heat is blazing all around us and if you think that you have been feeling a little under the weather, I suggest you see a doctor immediately just in case you are coming down with a case of what we are going to find happening on the new series “Fear The Walking Dead” which premieres this evening on the AMC Network. Check out the brief premise along with the cast and then we can discuss.

Logo - Fear The Walking Dead - 2015

Set in Los Angeles, the series follows a divorced male teacher, a female guidance counselor, and her two children–a son and a daughter–in the opening stages of the zombie apocalypse as they come to terms with the impending collapse of civilization.
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Official Comic Con Trailer: “Fear the Walking Dead”

Logo - Fear The Walking Dead - 2015

I’ve been getting a lot of trailers and videos out this week since I’ve been on a bit of a holiday with family so they’ve been coming at you when I could get the cleanest visual from the main sources and now its time to share one of the most anticipated sneak peaks of them all – The official world premiere of AMC Network’s “Fear The Walking Dead”. The show is a prequel to the grim despair of a world we are finding week after week on “The Walking Dead” and well, let’s just watch the clip.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As you can see the series shows us the events that happened around the beginning of the outbreak of whatever it was that caused the dead to rise and seek out the living for food. This is the kind of prequel that we needed for the mythology right now and it sure looks intense as the world around us grapples with the mystery of what is happening to the people around them and why bullets don’t seem to stop them from coming. Oh come on, you don’t think that folks knew the walkers needed a bullet to the head to stop them way back in the beginning did you? Anyway, I am setting my DVR to record this for its first episode on August 23rd when it begins airing on the AMC channel. That’s a little over a month away my friends so start practicing your Facebook abstinence now because you know there are folks in your feed that just cannot wait to ruin the transpiring events only seconds after it ends out there.

AMC Offers A Tease Of A Teaser For “Fear The Walking Dead”

Logo - Fear The Walking Dead - 2015

So if you got up to go to the bathroom during the commercial breaks for the season finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” or actually if you blinked during one of these breaks you might have missed the most teasing of teasers in their “Fear The Walking Dead” spot. Take a look at this “clip” below and then we can chat about it.

PiercingMetal Thoughts:
Outside of this last season of TWD, I have to say that I was getting a little bored with the happenings as it was a whole lot of the same for me but I am in the minority here for sure. I mean I still watch it but I digress this is about the tease of the new program that seems to be set in the world before the show so many of us are glued to. I like this idea because it will give us some hopefully greater insight into how this happened. Well, I hope so at least. What do you folks think about this new shows premise and this little tiny tease that we got? Let me know in the comments section.