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Revisiting “Metal Edge” Magazine: The CD Reviews – Part 4

These album overviews were originally written for Metal Edge Magazine when I was a contributor to their “Hear Us Out” CD reviews section back in 2006-2007. With the magazine wrapping up publication a few months ago, I decided to add them to the context of our PiercingMetal presentation. I felt that by doing this I would not only be raising the horns in remembrance of the magazine but would also be able to showcase just how different writing for a major publication was when it all came down to it. Since “Hear Us Out” notations were usually “100” words in length, these posts will feature several reviews each until we run out of them. The freelance writing tenure at Metal Edge Magazine was discussed on THIS LINK so please check that out when done. Here are the reviews, so “Hear Us Out”.

Die Verbannetn Kinder Evas: “Dusk And Void Became Alive” (Napalm Records)

Translated to “The Banished Children Of Eve”, the side project of Summoning’s Richard Lederer brings you into a world of sullen melancholy and heartfelt despair. It’s a deeply rooted in classical epic and showcases the beautiful voice of Christina Kroustali across the release. It’s not upbeat or fast in any sense but instead almost hauntingly romantic at time while leaving the listening with a slight sense of sadness. The Gothic scene would take well to this unique Darkwave group and fans of operatic voices will love this overall intelligent and passionate release. Approach this with an open mind.

Edenbridge: “The Grand Design” (Napalm Records)

Angelic Bombastic Rock was how I first heard Edenbridge described and it’s pretty close to the mark with the lovely Sabine Edelsbacher who’s melodic and soaring vocals quickly bring you into the bands world. Musically masterminded by Lanvall (guitar/keys) they are adept at quality sounding Hard Rock that is rich in sound but not over the top enough to lose you with super technical displays. It’s all about big vocals harmony and rich melodies that you find as soon as it begins. A surprise addition was the Sheena Easton track “For Your Eyes Only”, from the popular James Bond movie of the same name.
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“Vulcanus” by Fear My Thoughts

Artist: Fear My Thoughts
Title: “Vulcanus”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 1/23/2007
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

As quickly as the Melodic Metalcore bands have been popping up we are seeing the same frequency begin with those that skillfully blend Hardcore with Black Metal and add a twist of the Traditional side to it. Thus we have Fear My Thoughts who on their Century Media debut deliver an impressive fistful of intense Metal. This is a thundering release and it has a lot of mixes of the light and dark vocals along with impressive musicianship that brings them as players slightly over to the Progressive side. “Survival Scars” pounds your brain and shows how tight experimentation often yields some incredible results. Comprised of Matthias (vocals), Markus (guitar), Patrick (guitar), Bartosz (bass) and Norman (drums) the German outfit aims to raise the expectations of this end of the genre. They show that they are an adept group of players on the title track most specifically as this dramatic track covers several styles that you don’t often find used together in heavy music. They will throttle you with some of the heavier tracks such as “Accompanied By Death” and “Lost In Black” while at the same time showing the Progressive angle on the more atmosphere based “Culture Of Fear”. Across the recording the band shows that they are far more than “any other band”.
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