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Skateboard Marketing 18th Annual CMJ Showcase @ Bowery Poetry Club (10/22/2009)

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This past week was the annual CMJ Music Convention and like many before it would again invade The Big Apple and deliver more music than any one person could easily absorb.  To say that there is something for everyone at the CMJ convention would be an understatement and while I would have loved to partake in a lot more that was happening, the time was just not there for me to do so based on a hectic week of Metal concerts that required my coverage.  One of the things that I did manage to enjoy was the annual Skateboard Marketing music showcase which is hosted by the company’s founder Munsey Ricci.  I’ve been working as an ally in Metal media with Munsey for about five years now and was eager to help him and his friends celebrate the company’s 18th year of doing this kind of showcase.  This years hang would be at The Bowery Poetry Club (across the street from the location that once housed CBGB’s) and it was sure to be a good time of familiar faces, cold beers and loud music.  I was certain that the bands would be something interesting because one year we found the legendary Fear Factory performing at it, while last year we got both Autumn Black and Ionia.  Tonight there would only be one act delivering out the Metal and their name was Texas Hippie Coalition, and while I had only heard their name a couple of times, I had heard that they were along the lines of your Southern Fried Metal genre and let’s face it, a lot of that stuff rocks.  I shot a lot of photos and documented the performance as well and its linked to at the bottom of the party stuff that you will see here so hang onto your hats for it.

Munsey Ricci & Ally
Munsey Ricci & Ally

Here’s Munsey Ricci and Ally. He’s smiling not only because of the lovely lady next to him but also because the room is packed with beer and music hungry Metal Media friends. The event was sponsored by Budweiser Beer so the Bowery Poetry Club had plenty of Bud, Bud Lite and Rolling Rock beers on hand along with Monster Energy drink who I learned were also sponsoring the shindig.
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