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“Heavy Metal Parking Lot” by Jeff Krulik & John Heyn

Artist: Jeff Krulik & John Heyn
Title: “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”
Label: Factory 515
Release Date: 5/31/2007
Genre: Documentary
Rating: 4/5

In 1986, young music fans and filmmakers John Heyn and Jeff Krulik headed out to the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland where Judas Priest would be performing. It was during the “Turbo” tour and the opener would be Dokken. Armed with cameras and a bunch of on the spot questions they would hit the parking lot of the arena and talk to the fans that were tailgating before the show. Thus was born the cult classic “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”. Its 1986 so the hair was big on both the girls and the guys and spandex was everywhere, once again on both the girls and the guys. It’s pretty amusing to hear the fans thoughts about Metal music and both Priest and Dokken, and if you grew up on this music around this time then there is a chance that you will watch this and shudder as you think “oh god this was so me”. Some of the fans in attendance are rip-roaring drunk and hence give some of the best commentary as they lecture about the ills of crap music against that of Priest. One young man in complete zebra-skinned attire says that this stuff can go straight to the moon since Metal was in charge or something of that nature. There are also folks who break into air guitar in mid conversation and use their friends as the guitar as well and a whole lot of beer chugging.
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