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“Ezkaton” by Behemoth

Artist: Behemoth
Title: “Ezkaton”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 11/11/2008
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Behemoth has been devastating each and every landscape that they gaze upon for years and sometimes seem to come off as a brutal force of nature more than a group of Extreme Blackened Death Metal artisans. The bands latest studio album was “Apostasy” and came to us via Century Media Records but now with their signing to Metal Blade Records they deliver a throttling EP release entitled “Ezkaton”. The band is no stranger to releasing such EP’s between their full length and over the years has issued molten releases such as “Slaves Shall Serve” prior to this one. “Ezkaton” is a seven track affair which destructively blends new studio tracks, covers and live material all into one blazing infernal soup that is bound to be enjoyed by their legions of fans who anxiously await the bands next studio album. On examination of the new studio tracks one finds that time and success has not found Behemoth choosing to sit comfortable and instead opting to pummel the listener once again. They begin the EP by re-recording their “Chant For Ezkaton 2000 E.V. and this new version offers up a superb production that makes ones speakers rumble when set loud enough. We get a new song in “Qadosh” and this is a blistering track that works well within the framework of what we experienced on “The Apostasy” and the toured to death “Demigod”. I am sure if this is a sign to come of the new studio work then all will be impressed. They deliver two covers and the first is Master Hammer’s “Jama Pekel” while the second is the Ramones track “I’m Not Jesus”. I had no real background in the Czech Black Metal band Master Hammer but do know that the words are all in Czech, which appears to be the same on Behemoth’s version. As far as Ramones go, well, it was interesting to hear a Blackened Death Metal band do a song from them, but while good I would have rather heard something different from the group. Ramones to me are best left uncovered unless it’s done by a more conventional Metal band or some Punk Rock luminaries.
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