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“Jumpcut” by Man Jumping

Artist: Man Jumping
Title: Jump Cut
Label: Carbon 7 Records
Release Date:
Genre: New Age Jazz Experimental
Rating: 3.5/5

Man Jumping’s “Jump Cut” is considered a cult classic in the ambient and new age Jazz sector and based on the tasteful blends of electronics and instruments along with vocals and hip Jazz feels on this album you can see why. Produced in 1985 the album has never before appeared on CD until now and should spark some interest in the demographic that enjoy this kind of stuff. New Age Jazz has never been my personal cup of tea but one cannot help but be soothed and set to a relaxing state of mind as tracks like “Sqeezi” jam on with their great use of horns and wind instruments. “Belle Dux On The Beach” made me instantly think of Herbie Hancock and perhaps the group would appeal largely to fans of the composer and his work. I even found some Frank Zappa moments present in the way the group often shifts gears and approaches a different time signature; the musicians are abundant here with about a group of eleven making up the core performers. It is a frenetic and energized piece of music for the most part and very well produced. An enjoyable listen, this is a recommendation for anyone who can keep a relatively open mind to what they listen to and while I try to be that sort of person its not always an easy feat and despite this aspect of my person there are genres that I just never sink my listening head into.
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