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Film Review: “Gothkill” (Satanic Special Edition)

Title: “Gothkill” – Satanic Special Edition
Studio: MVD Video
Release Date: 6/2009
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Rating: 3/5

“Gothkill” is a tongue in cheek Horror film that features the incendiary expertise and acting debut of Flambeaux along with Mistress Juliya, Eve Blackwater and a host of other very visible fetish artisans from that mysterious underground community. Since its original release in 2006 the movie has become a bit of a cult favorite based on the casted players and the overall visibility that it gives that darker scene. I wasnt sure about exactly what to expect from the film but I did find it interesting that I immediately recognized the principal antagonist when he made his appearance on the screen.  While this happened a couple of years after the film was released, it seemed as though Flambeaux was once a contestant on the popular NBC television show “America’s Got Talent”.  Sadly, the talented firesmith failed to move onto the final round and I think that it was due to the fact that his act scared the bejesus out of David Hasselhoff and company. The act he did was rather intense and I could see this happening but it was probably not as frightening as a full concert from Mr. Hasselhoff but I digress.   The film was directed by JJ Connelly who makes his own debut with this release after working behind the scenes for a number of years.   Let’s talk a little bit about the film’s premise.
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