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Marvel Reveals Some Todd Nauck “Headshot” Variants For November

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The Press Release:
A new series of covers starring Marvel’s best and brightest super heroes is coming to your local comic shop starting in November! Superstar artist Todd Nauck will bring iconic Marvel characters to life in upcoming Headshot variant covers. These classic-style portraits are a great way to introduce fans to popular characters as well as characters who will be making a splash in the days to come. This outstanding artwork will grace the cover of your favorite ongoing titles like Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Eternals this November— and there’s plenty more on the way! Be on the lookout for more Headshot variant covers by Todd Nauck in the coming months but for now, check out the stunning depictions of Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Sersi that will be available soon!


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“Amazing Spider-Man” #52 (Nauck Headshot Variant)

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Marvel’s “True Believers” Issues Celebrate Jack Kirby’s 100th In August

Hey there True Believers (I’m sorry but it was too hard to avoid beginning like that for this particular comic book topic) and we are here once more with another exciting edition of first-issue offerings from the Marvel Comics side of the fence. If you’ve read any of our monthly solicitations posts then you have most probably already seen our special focuses on the TRUE BELIEVERS line and for the newbie, these are the $1 comics that reprint classic stories and highlight special appearances of certain characters. If you’d like to see the previous posts of this nature just click HERE to launch the rundown of the posts that went online over the years. I don’t think that you will easily find some of the older ones all that easily considering the economical price, but some of you are true hunters and capable of anything when it comes to comic book collecting. Good luck to you if you are among this group. This next bunch of one-dollar special issues celebrates the 100th birthday of the absolutely legendary Jack “King” Kirby. Kirby was instrumental in the original success of Marvel Comics as the co-creator of some of the most famouse characters in comic book history (Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, The X-Men and Captain America among them). It’s exciting to find twelve editions to add to your collection and here is the cover art, new title and what it is reprinting. Every issue is “all-ages” suitable and spans 32 pages.

TRUE BELIEVERS: KIRBY 100TH – BLACK PANTHER #1: Reprinting BLACK PANTHER (1977) #1 and the Captain America story from TALES OF SUSPENSE (1959) #98

“True Believers – Black Panther” #1


“True Believers – Avengers Captain America Lives Again” #1

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