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Eric Johnson @ B.B. King Blues Club

Eric Johnson will deliver an electrifying set with support from Arielle.

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Joe Satriani @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (4/13/2006)

Logo - Satriani

Artist: Joe Satriani
Venue: Nokia Theatre Times Square (New York, NY)
Opener: Eric Johnson
Date: 4/13/2006
Label: Epic Records

I have to start this off by stressing that I am a drummer, and while some of my review readers already have determined this; it bears mentioning again especially since I was going to be reviewing Joe Satriani in concert. “Satch”, as all of his fans refer to him is pretty much one of the best guitar players in the business and he is the mastermind behind the G3 Tour that often finds him alongside Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen as well as many other talented players. Tonight’s show would not be a G3 performance and instead be billed as “The Super Colossal Tour” (the name bears the same moniker as his new album). Joining Joe and his band this time would be another amazing guitarist the one and only Eric Johnson. Johnson music leans more to the bluesy side and this is very apparent on his most recent release “Bloom”. The Nokia Theatre would be the perfect setting for this concert because while it seems a great room for Metal bands there is an acoustic perfection to be enjoyed when attending a show like this. While Johnson would play a wide assortment of songs during his hour long set, his most memorable number would come from his earlier album as he closed with “Cliffs Of Dover”. Instrumental guitar displays seldom keep me entertained for very long but I have to say when you watch Satriani play he makes it look so fluid and simple. It is not the case of course as he is ripping the strings to their capacity and making every guitarist in the audience drop their jaw in amazement or sending them home to review their tablature books.
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