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Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 17

As noted in the previous clip, the band is now on tour and Nightwish’s latest epic “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” is bringing Symphonic Metal joy to their worldwide fans. Clip #17 shows some of the rehearsal time and song selection process. Let’s watch.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is going to be the end of my posting the Nightwish clips because I have a feeling that they will keep on sharing the most recent activities in a behind the scenes fashion. I figure that “17” individual posts amounts to a good show of support don’t you think? Stuff like this sure keeps a writer busy and amps up the content base so that’s not a bad thing. Hopefully a lot of you national readers are making the trek to see one of the bands shows and being thrilled from beginning to end. Now its back to the everything else.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com

Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 16

Now that the whole creative process is over and the album is out, the remaining clips seem to just be focused on some of the other finer details. Episode “16” is about the albums artwork.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I watched this one a little more intensely since I have not yet opened my copy of the album. I picked up a copy at the show when the band played in NYC which was last night and the opening of the tour. To say that this was a phenomenal experience is an understatement and you folks who plan on attending are in for a treat. Hmm, now that the new album is out I should go back into all of these clips and add it in as a purchase on each of them. That’s fine if we help sell more copies. There are fifteen clips before this one and you are going to want to see them all so click on THIS LINK if you missed any. Later.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com

Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 15

Without spoiling episode fifteen at all, it’s a quick one and a glimpse at the day of album release where the band meets fan after fan after fan in Finland. Everyone looks so happy. Go watch below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Congratulations Nightwish on the release of your brand-new album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. I’ve since heard a couple of more tracks and its wonderous, there is a link down below to Amazon.com which lets you purchase the album for a very nice price so do take advantage of that. At the close of this one, the narrator leads me to believe that we are down to the wire on these clips and with the upcoming tour hitting NYC in short order I guess that’s the case. These have been fun and if you’ve just decided to hit this website for some reason please remember to click onto THIS LINK so you can see all of the clips that came before.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com

Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 14

As we hit episode number 14 about Nightwish’s “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” album, we are watching the behind the scenes reception from the first press who got to hear it. Let’s watch.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: At the time of this writing I must admit that I have only heard a couple of tracks and essentially this is because I am waiting to get a full on official copy and that is not available yet. I cannot wait until I have the chance to blast this on my actual stereo and not listen in headphones from my computer (even though sometimes it does sound really good in this fashion). Do you like what you have heard from the new album yet if you have listened to a few tracks? A full review will come to the website as well once I get my copy. Remember to check out all of the other chapters by clicking on THIS LINK. It will open a list on a new browser tab.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com

Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 13

The hits keep on a coming with the Nightwish clips of their behind the scenes look at “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” and in episode “13” (a lucky number for any Metal musician), we watch cool footage of the amazing Floor Jansen and drummer on call Kai Hahto. Let’s look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: While I know I will miss seeing Jukka behind the kit on the forthcoming tour, I know that I will be watching the job get done by truly capable hands. I can say this with a level of certainty since because I’ve seen Kai drumming for bands like Swallow The Sun and Wintersun. His talents will fit right in for Nightwish for sure. That’s all I have on this one so don’t forget to click on THIS LINK if you are missing out on a few of the previous clips. Considering that there are now thirteen of them this is highly likely LOL. Ciao for now as they say in the movies.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com