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Industrial Leaders KMFDM Announce EP and US Tour Dates

Fans of the Industrial Metal legends in KMFDM will be stoked about this bit of news as not only are a couple of EP’s heading their way but the band is as well and will be hitting numerous cities during an almost month long October run. Dig into the press release that I received and I’ll return at the close.

The Press Release:
KMFDM’s YEAH !, a five-track EP of brand-new songs, remixes and edits will be released on June 23 on earMUSIC as CD digipak and Digital. The EP is followed by the band’s new studio album in August.

YEAH ! features two brand new songs: “HELL YEAH,” an instant KMFDM “classic” with its ultra-heavy beat and Sascha Konietzko’s trademark cynical lyrics and the anthemic Lucia Cifarelli-fronted “FREAK FLAG,” which is included in an edit on this EP. It is a distinctive hymn for outlaws, freaks, mavericks – and all of us indeed. KMFDM also revisited 2002’s ATTAK/RELOAD and created “ATTAK 2017,” a high-octane remixed version of the song. German rock band Lord of the Lost’s remix of “HELL YEAH” takes the original to a wholly new and surprising direction.
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“Demons In You” (Single) by Tarja w/Alissa White-Gluz

Artist: Tarja
Title: “Demons In You” (Single) w/Alissa White-Gluz
Label: Earmusic
Release Date: 10/5/2016
Genre: Melodic Metal
Rating: 4/5

You know each of their names from two widely different bands and yet despite those differences there is a unified sense to what both Tarja Turunen and Alissa White-Gluz do when it comes to delivering excellent Hard Rock and Metal music. Earlier this year at the Wacken Open Air Festival, Tarja surprised the fans watching her set by bringing out White-Gluz from Arch Enemy to join her for the number “Demons In You”. It was a guest spot that quickly caused a stir across the Interwebs because Tarja’s voice is more angelic while Alissa’s is that of a raging demon. Of course the former singer of The Agonist also possesses a stratospheric vocal register and that gets some time in this special single.
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“Return To Wacken” by Savatage

Artist: Savatage
Title: “Return To Wacken”
Label: Ear Music
Release Date: 6/30/2015
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

It’s been far too long since the Metal world has had new music from the great Savatage and their last recorded work together was on “Poets and Madmen” which hit us hard back in 2001 care of Nuclear Blast Records. Since that time, Savatage has been on a bit of a lengthy hiatus while numerous members focused their creative energies on the holiday touring juggernaut known as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra while others continued on into projects of their own. Now in celebration of the bands return to the live stage for the Wacken Open Air Festival, a rather sound compilation of some of the bands classics has been issued and for the foreseeable future this is as close to “new” as we shall get from the legendary band. My notes on the release come from my relatively long association with their material (since 1988 if memory serves me correctly) and a deep knowledge of their back catalog. I didn’t have a copy of my own and was listening to a digital stream of it online. As a collection, this serves up well as a grouping of very necessary tracks for the listeners who might not be all that up on the bands historic game. Let’s consider this to be “Savatage Primer” since its all expected numbers as opposed to any sort of deep tracks. Perhaps if this was a double CD edition but alas this is only a single disc.
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Gamma Ray @ Gramercy Theatre (1/28/2011)

Logo - Gamma Ray

Artist: Gamma Ray
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Arctic Flame, Kore Rozzik
Date: 1/28/2011
Label: Ear Music

Please don’t take this the wrong way but I hate Gamma Ray. Yep. Totally hate them and the other forty or so bands that just got to enjoy a full week of being on a Metal Cruise to the Caribbean with night after night of playing music and partying hard. My venom towards them all is not entirely serious and more based on the fact that New York City had been getting brutalized by Mother Nature who seems to be enjoying her ability to heap piles and piles of snow onto our Metropolis. I would not usually complain about such things but if you lived here you would probably be in agreement with me and hold a little bit of attitude about some folks who had been sailing their cares away in the warn sun. That being said, this “70,000 Tons of Metal” cruise had only just returned to port down in Florida earlier this morning and now the guys in Gamma Ray had to not only disembark from that without incident but also make their way up to a snow covered terrain that resembled the arctic more than it did a Big Apple. The guys in Gamma Ray were hitting our city for the first time in just over two years having last paid a visit with Helloween over at B.B. King Blues Club. That was a hell of a show, so I was looking forward to seeing them in action again as they delivered the goods from their newest Metal release “To The Metal”. They would be doing this particular show with two local openers and I had to say that with no offense to the pair, this was not all that enticing to the fans that had to trudge and stumble across the ice and slush to get to the venue. Our show was set to have both Desdemon and Arctic Flame, but illness curtailed the first band so the Flame moved up a slot and the opening time was left to a group called Kore Rozzik. I would miss the openers this evening and leave my time and attention to be purely centered on Gamma Ray. Here is how the set went down.
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Uriah Heep @ B.B. King Blues Club (6/22/2010)

Logo - Uriah Heep

Artist: Uriah Heep
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 6/22/2010
Label: Ear Music

A few months ago I mentioned about how despite all of the hubbub about them, I never quite appreciated or “got” the band Accept and when I attended one of their shows many years after first hearing them found myself among the converted. The reason that I bring this particular musical flaw to light once again is because the same applies to me with the band Uriah Heep. Granted I loved the song “Easy Livin’” (especially when W.A.S.P. delivered a cover of it) but other than that they were pretty much a mystery to me even though they have been active since I was a very, very young child. My friends were more focused on what the group was all about and with this particular underground, cult status group I would have to learn by watching from this night going forward. Historically speaking the band was formed in 1969 of so and named themselves after a Charles Dickens character from his David Copperfield novel. The only original member from the band is guitarist Mick Box and in some sense based on the numerous lineup changes across their history are a group that rivals the Allman Brothers when it comes to stuff like this. In 2009 they celebrated their 40th anniversary as a band and have released twenty two studio albums and eleven live albums across their career. Their crème de la crème tunes can be found across the span of no less than twelve greatest hits compilations and anthologies.
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