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Tonight: Slipknot’s “Day of The Gusano” In Select Theaters For One Night Only

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A few months ago I shared the Official Trailer for the Slipknot Documentary “Day Of The Gusano” which is the name of their upcoming live album and video release and showcases the bands first ever concert in Mexico. If you didn’t see the trailer, you might want to click HERE to be up to speed. The film is opening up in limited release today for a one night only experience that you can enjoy in select theaters. You’ll need to check your own area listings to see what time and where to enjoy this experience. The poster is below for you to peruse.

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“Alive In Seattle” [DVD] by Heart

Artist: Heart
Title: “Alive In Seattle”
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 6/30/2017
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Before I get too deeply into this one, this is actually a re-issue of a previously released concert video from 2003. It’s origins hail from the 2002 tour by Heart during their “Summer Of Love” touring run. To me, it’s always great when a band uses their tour closing night in a hometown venue to give the worldwide fans a commemorative concert video but since this is from fourteen years ago its also a bit of a live history lesson when it comes to the band. I never saw the original release and was not doing the journalistic overview thing yet, so this was a complete education for me. I found it interesting that despite my longtime love of so many of the Heart classics that I had only ever caught them in concert once and that was somewhere around 2008 unless I am mistaken. So, about the concert video; the film puts you right in the best seats possible and thanks to the camera angles you’re even right up on the stage with the band with the technicians standing in the sidelines.

Musically speaking the band sounds terrific and remember we are referring to the way, way back for this one. Truth be told, the friends who have seen them in recent times said they have not changed at all so that is a good thing to know at this point in time. The set list plays out like a Greatest Hits release of the band as they begin with the incendiary opener “Crazy On You” and follow it up with “Sister Wild Rose”. During “Straight On”, which is another favorite, Ann tells the crowd that this is the last night of the tour. During “These Dreams” it was nice to see guitarist Nancy doing the lead vocals as I had long forgotten that this was her first time doing so when the original album came out. That song was everywhere when it came to terrestrial radio of the day an its still great. When the band gets to “Alone” they decide to go acoustic for a little while and I didn’t like that personally since I am a fan of this track more than some others and I like its original version without much change. They keep it acoustic for the Elton John cover of “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” and once more Nancy takes the lead vocals while Ann offers up a solid backing. They follow this with their stellar rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Battle Of Evermore” which is also acoustic and might bring some of their fans back to the time when they were doing a project called The Lovemongers. Kudos if you remember that one and even have the album. I know I still have my copy somewhere.
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The Magpie Salute Extends 2017 Touring Run

I guess it was back in March that we first shared some touring information about a brand new band by Rich Robinson who many people know about from The Black Crowes and his solo stuff. That bunch of gigs was discussed on THIS LINK in case you missed it. As the summer happenings begin to build up, I’m happy to share the news (or poster that is) that Rich and the gang have decided to extend this run. Take a look at the poster below for all the necessary details.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Since I am a little busy here at the Metal Media Command HQ, I’ve not the time to list the dates one by one like I would normally do in an “Upcoming Tour” posting. I also am working off of the information broadcast by a competing website and not off of an official press release so we must ask you to get by with the poster alone. It’s pretty clear enough IMHO but it looks like we fans in the NYC side of things need to wait some more as there are NO dates for our music loving metropolis. It makes me wonder if we can count on a Beacon Theatre residency being planned since I vaguely recall The Black Crowes doing three or four nights in a row there. Unless I am wrong and if I am, then why not start the process with TMS. Ever since The Allman Brothers stopped their own touring residency here there has been a bit of a void in this kind of group coming in for a long stint. We do have Tedeschi Trucks Band of course but let’s keep it going forward. What do you readers in the areas where this has been extended to think about the tour. Let me know down in the comments below.

Official Website: http://www.themagpiesalute.com

The Magpie Salute Announce US Headlining Summer Tour

The Press Release:
The excitement for THE MAGPIE SALUTE continues to grow.

First it was four back-to-back sold-out shows at the Gramercy Theatre in New York this past January. Then came the announcement of their debut in London where the group will perform four concerts at Under The Bridge (April 12-15), with the first show selling out shortly within an hour of the tickets going on pre-sale. This news was followed by the announcement of shows in Chicago (July), San Francisco (September), Boston (August), Atlanta (August) and Los Angeles (September).

And now comes the news of THE MAGPIE SALUTE’s first-ever national headline tour–starting July 26 in Indianapolis–which will include appearances at festivals (itinerary below). For more information and to purchase tickets, visit: http://themagpiesalute.com/events

THE MAGPIE SALUTE is an exciting new band that features musicians who have played together for decades throughout various projects and share a musical bond. The band brings Rich Robinson, the guitarist and co-founding member of The Black Crowes, together with two key members of Crowes fame–guitarist Marc Ford and bassist Sven Pipien–alongside drummer Joe Magistro and guitarist Nico Bereciartua. THE MAGPIE SALUTE also boasts a fine cast of vocalists, including lead singer John Hogg (Hookah Brown, Moke), former Crowes singer Charity White and background singers, Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen. THE MAGPIE SALUTE marks the reunion of the Robinson and Ford guitar team (Ford left The Black Crowes after their fourth album and 1997 Further Festival tour). “…it was clear from the get-go that Ford and Robinson still have unmistakable synergy,” noted GLIDE MAGAZINE(1/24/17).
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“KISS Rocks Vegas” by KISS [Blu-ray/CD]

Artist: KISS
Title: “KISS Rocks Vegas” [Blu-ray/CD]
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 8/26/2016
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4.5/5

The opening copy of the press release that arrived with this concert video and audio piece asked “Is there ANY live experience like KISS on stage” and to that inquiry I can only say “no, there is nothing else like this” and now I can get into the examination of the upcoming “KISS Rocks Vegas” release that will hit the shelves in about a week. I’ve had the discs for a few days already and watched them a couple of times but also was fortunate enough to see this presented on the big screen at the AMC Empire 25 back in May. Readers who are interested in my topical thoughts on that experience can click on THIS LINK to see what I had to say. Knowing what was to be found on the Blu-ray release makes these words easy and I will try to not be too repetitive.

“KISS Rocks Vegas” comes from the band’s first ever historic residency at “The Joint” in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In my humble opinion, there is probably no better band to see in this kind of setting and since the space would not be arena size it would be interesting to see what kind of show KISS would give their fans. Starting off with the classic opener “Detroit Rock City” the band shows that they still have what it takes to bring you the most exciting show possible. The stage is a dizzying array of screens that bring you right up closer than you would be in the first row and if you have a decent sized television in your home then you are in for a treat. As I said in the film review the tune selections were awesome for me since some long missed tunes were back in the bands set such as “Creatures Of The Night”, “War Machine” and “Tears Are Falling”. I do miss “Firehouse” for the flame splitting by Gene Simmons but I guess I can deal with some change at this point.
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