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Marvel Reveals The Covers For “2” Free Comic Book Day Issues

As an avid comic book reader, one of the events that I look forward to each and every year is Free Comic Book Day. For those who are just learning about this event, it takes place on the first Saturday in May and you can learn more about it via the link at the close of this narrative. Today I’m here to showcase what the fine folks at the House Of Ideas at Marvel Comics have in store for us. Take a look.

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The Press Release:
Readers will get a chance to dive into some of Marvel’s most exciting titles on this year’s Free Comic Book Day. Marvel will put out two Free Comic Book Day titles, each containing two separate stories. Longtime readers as well as newcomers will be delighted to see our most popular characters from the X-Men to Spider-Man in extraordinary tales by our most acclaimed creators!

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2020: X-MEN will feature a brand new X-Men story by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz that will lead into a game-changing summer for all of X! The second story will also foreshadow an upcoming epic tale by Tom Taylor and Iban Coello.
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Marvel Reveals “Thor” #1 Artist Variant Covers

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Last month we shared the news about the upcoming “Thor” series from Marvel Comics and if you missed that announcement just click HERE to be up to speed. Now we’ve begun to get the variant covers that were done by some of the industries best creatives. As you might expect, I will be continually adding to this original narrative as each cover gets revealed instead of posting a brand-new single post. This worked out well for the recent Artist Variants for “X-Men” #1 and “Fantastic Four” #1 so why change a working process. I’ll begin with the main cover of the series that will launch in January 2020. Let’s take a look shall we.

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“Thor” #1

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Marvel Announces “Thor” Series For 2020

As some of you readers know, I’m still embroiled in the goings on at the annual New York Comic Con over at the Javits Center and to be on point with any of the reveals and announcements that have been discussed you should click HERE. One such reveal was for a brand-new “Thor” series and the press release about it is down below. Enjoy.

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The Press Release:
A mighty creative team will be taking over the reins of Thor next year! Just announced at Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con, Donny Cates and Nic Klein will be ushering the God of Thunder into his next era starting in January. The quest Thor is on will be the stuff of legend, filled with thunderous adventure as well as mystery as the character finds himself in unexpected new territory and facing off against an ancient threat known as The Black Winter.

comic book covers, marvel comics, marvel entertainment, thor
“Thor” #1

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Marvel Announces “Absolute Carnage” This Summer

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The Press Release:
In a video during today’s retailer panel at C2E2 in Chicago, acclaimed writer Donny Cates (Thanos, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange) announced ABSOLUTE CARNAGE – Marvel’s epic summer event! Beginning in Free Comic Book Day Spider-Man/Venom #1 (out May 5), the blockbuster event starts in August (although fans will see the threads reaching as far back as Amazing Spider-Man 252 with connections to almost every Venom and Carnage story since) and re-teams Cates with Venom’s Ryan Stegman and colorist Frank Martin for the deadliest story in the Marvel Universe!

comic book covers, marvel comics, marvel entertainment, absolute carnage
“Absolute Carnage” #1

“Cletus Kasady is back, and he is deadlier than he’s ever been,” Cates teased in the video announcement. “ABSOLUTE CARNAGE encompasses every single character who has ever worn a symbiote and every symbiote that has ever been, going all the way back to when Peter found the black suit. Going from there to Maximum Carnage to Venomized to everything…everyone is a target.”

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more about ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, including news from this year’s Marvel Comic panels at C2E2. This summer, no super hero is safe…everyone is a target!

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: We’ve been fans of the super-villain Carnage since his very first appearance back in the pages of “Amazing Spider-Man” and feel that he is a force to be reckoned with based on his utter sadistic depravity and unpredictability and cruelty. Considering he ended up making Venom more of an anti-hero that is saying something. I look forward to this new series and think it will be interesting to see how this foe interacts with other characters that he might not have normally crossed paths with. What do you think about this series to come? Does the announcement raise some interest in you? Will you be asking your local comic book retailer to put a copy aside for you? Chime in down in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more on this initiative. I shall continue to report on items that I am made aware of.

Official Website: http://www.marvel.com

Marvel Comics Asks “Who Will Stand…When The Last Guardian Falls”

Marvel Comics has posed their readers a simple question with “Who Will Stand” and this is followed by “When the Last Guardian Falls”, as in the coming months a brand-new Guardians Of The Galaxy team will rise from the ashes of the old one. Uh oh, I guess I better peruse some collected editions since I had no idea the current team was heading out the galactic door. The new series hits the racks in January of 2019 and will be the combined efforts of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw (writer and artist respectively). These four fun broadcast images began running the other day but I had posts in queue and had to wait until now to share them with you. Should more arrive after I post them, I will add into this narrative like we do with the variant covers of the multiple comics we find being revealed in drips and drabs.

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