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Dimmu Borgir @ Playstation Theater

They have returned. The mighty Dimmu Borgir has once again set their gaze upon NYC and you do NOT want to miss this show.

The Making Of Dimmu Borgir’s “Eonian”; “Writing The Album”

It’s been quite a few years since the Metal world has gotten a brand-new album by Symphonic Black Metal giants Dimmu Borgir and soon “Eonian” will be unleashed upon the world. The bands issued two singles already with “Interdimensional Summit” and “Council Of Wolves And Snakes” and now its time to join Silenoz and Shagrath at Blackcraft Cult as they discuss the writing of the new album.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t have much to add about this clip and that’s usually the case with these presentations unless something super shocking is revealed. Stay tuned for any of the follow-up clips about this albums creation and be sure to order “Eonian” nice and early care of the Amazon.com link below.

Official Website: https://www.dimmu-borgir.com/

Dimmu Borgir Unveil The Art & Secrets Of Their Upcoming Album – “Eonian”

You might have wondered if we were going to be getting a new album soon after watching the recent “Forces Of Northern Darkness” DVD by the mighty Dimmu Borgir, and well its time to say wonder now more as the first details on this release have been issued. Read the full press release below.

The Press Release:

Over seven years, deathlike silence has filled the halls of the world‘s biggest black metal forge, DIMMU BORGIR, whilst powers have been gathering to resurrect the band right in time for their 25th anniversary. Now they finally mark their return with a vicious work of art that can be defined as timeless in the truest sense of the word: Eonian.

The songwriting core of DIMMU BORGIR furthermore consists of charismatic vocalist Shagrath, as well as the string wizards Silenoz and Galder, but other familiar faces also emerge from the darkness: Drummer Daray and keyboarder Gerlioz are still part of the team, and Gaute Storaas helped with the choral arrangements for the majestic voices of the Schola Cantrum Choir.

The cover artwork was designed in fascinating detail by Zbigniew M. Bielak (GHOST, BEHEMOTH, MAYHEM).

This tenth full-length record will see the light of spring on May the 4th, and it will contain 10 new tracks, produced by the band itself and engineered by Jens Bogren. Emerging from the dark minds of the three songwriters, Eonian follows a philosophical concept, dealing with the illusion of time:
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Dimmu Borgir To Re-Release Their Early Classics On Vinyl

The Press Release:
Before the symphonic black metal legends DIMMU BORGIR finally return to the spotlight with their highly anticipated 9th studio album in spring 2018, the Norwegians now unleash the re-releases of their early classics on vinyl. From their raw and ground-breaking debut 1994’s For All Tid to their chart-topping Death Cult Armageddon that saw them hit #2 in the Norwegian album charts, you can now get new pressings of their long sold-out vinyl in different colors.

dimmu borgir, bimmu borgir group shot

The following LPs will be released on December 22nd:
Death Cult Armageddon (2 LP black vinyl)
Death Cult Armageddon (2 LP silver – mailorder exclusive!)
For All Tid (2 LP black vinyl)
For All Tid (2 LP orange vinyl)
Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (black vinyl)
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Nuclear Blast Presents: Dimmu Borgir’s “Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse” From Upcoming DVD

The Press Copy:
2017 marks the year of the great return of Norwegian symphonic black metal giants, DIMMU BORGIR. The band will release their highly-anticipated double-DVD, Forces Of The Northern Night, on April 28th via Nuclear Blast Records. Available in different formats, the release will contain two live rituals: Their legendary concert in Oslo, showing DIMMU BORGIR on stage with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a bombastic choir as well as the entire performance at Wacken Open Air with almost 100 musicians in action from the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra. Here is the bands performance of “Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t recall if I mentioned this way back in one of my many years old reviews of the bands catalog but this song “Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse” was the tune that first sold me on the bands incredible power and sound. It was actually based on my watching the original video for this clip which I was watching while on a break at a boring as Hell corporate job. I had the headphones on since one couldn’t easily blast this sort of thing in an investment banking atmosphere but despite that I remembered the visuals of what was happening was causing some great distress in the minds of my workaday colleagues. As a Metalhead this pleased me considerably and since I was only just beginning my journalistic adventures for a site from a faraway land, I decided to look more into this band. The rest was history and I’ve been following them ever since. Watching this song being performed with a full orchestra is nothing short of incredible as it brings the grandiose to a new level of macabre majesty. I cannot wait to get myself a copy of this release and while I was not going to share another clip for it and instead just wait to do a full review, the offering of this tune made me break my oath. Soon we shall all be cloaked in the thunders of the north wind once more as Dimmu Borgir’s true return is imminent and their 20th Anniversary also approaches. Don’t forget that this release will continue the celebration of thirty years of Nuclear Blast Records. A milestone to be toasted again and again.

Track Listing:
1. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/dimmuborgir/