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Sepultura Announces Their “Quadra” 2020 North American Tour!

sepultura logo

With this being the second tour being announced on this rainy Tuesday, I now share the 2020 plans for the legendary Sepultura.

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The Press Release:
The age of Quadra is upon us: On February 7th, SEPULTURA release their new masterpiece – a savage slap in the face, proving once again the sheer endless versatility of the Brazilian metal heroes.

Today, the band announce the Quadra 2020 Tour! The 29-date tour kicks off at the San Diego House Of Blues on March 18th and will make stops in Denver, Brooklyn and Atlanta before ending on April 22nd in Ventura, CA. Joining the band as special guests are SACRED REICH, CROWBAR and ART OF SHOCK.
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“I Am The Enemy” (Single) by Sepultura

Artist: Sepultura
Title: “I Am The Enemy” (Single)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 11/10/2016
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3/5

Before I even begin with this quick single overview I need to be honest with you readers and state that I never really followed anything that involved the band Sepultura. Yeah I know some of the tunes that are referred to as the “classics” and have seen the band once or twice over the years and while I liked what I heard I never truly kept up on them. With that said I was interested in hearing the brand new single from the bands forthcoming Nuclear Blast Records release “Machine Messiah” which is due out in January. The tune unveiled is called “I Am The Enemy” and here’s my take on it.
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Sepultura Announces “30th Anniversary” Spring Tour For 2015

The news about the 30th Anniversary Tour by the crushing Metal power of Sepultura was making the rounds late yesterday via the official channels so I apologize for getting that to you a little afterward. I had another post in queue already so it comes to you now with the label press copy and image along with some liner notes from me about it. Continue along and then let’s discuss.

Tour - Sepultura - 2015

The Press Release:
Do legacies ever fade? Not when Brazilian blood is involved.
Celebrating their 30th year of existence, Brazil’s most esteemed metal band SEPULTURA will be headlining a Metal Injection-sponsored tour that includes German thrashers DESTRUCTION as direct support and American melodic tech-deathsters ARSIS as openers. We can already sense the frenzy in mosh pits across the U.S. and Canada, too. “It’s going to be an amazing experience to celebrate a 30-year career with the strongest album we’ve ever made in our history,” states SEPULTURA guitarist & songwriter Andreas Kisser about the upcoming 33-show trek and their latest album, The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart. “We are coming back to America and Canada with full force and with a hunger to destroy everything! Can’t wait to perform the songs from the new album on stage! See you all on the road!” The mayhem begins in Phoenix, Arizona on May 10th and ends on June 14th in Grand Junction, Colorado. SEPULTURA will be performing one solo show on May 9th.

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Sepultura @ Irving Plaza (12/4/2006)

Logo - Sepultura

Artist: Sepultura
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Opener: Diecast, Sworn Enemy, Suicide Silence
Date: 12/4/2006
Label: SPV Records

The chilly New York evening was going to get hotter very quickly inside Irving Plaza where tonight Sepultura from Brazil would be making a long overdue concert appearance. The group would be in support of their latest release “Dante XXI” on SPV Records, and they would bring with them Sworn Enemy, Diecast and Suicide Silence as their support. Here are some of the night’s happenings in case you missed the show.

We walked in just as Suicide Silence was mid-set and while that is not the best way to absorb a group for the first time in full I had to say that they were clearly intense about their performance. The amount of people in the venue for their set was limited but those who were pressed up to the barrier and ready to rock were certainly enjoying themselves. Their material seemed to go over well based on the lineup of the show. Diecast would be up second and this surprised me for the original roster order I saw showed them pre-Sepultura but something changed and here we are watching then instead of Sworn Enemy. They were tight and on the money so to speak as they supported their latest release on Century Media Records entitled “Internal Revolution”. Diecast would deliver new tracks like the stellar “Fade Away” and also showcase the new rhythm section that they had brought on to the bands roster. Joining Stoddard, Kita and Kolaitis would be Dennis Pavia (drums) and Brad Hornton (bass). Sworn Enemy would come up next and it was not going to be an easy night for them as their drummer Paul Antignai had taken ill. As a result of this he would not be performing tonight and that left the band in a difficult situation on home ground. Filling in tonight would be Corey Pierce of God Forbid who had been asked to do this on very short notice. Unfortunately, this was not working out and there were stops and starts all around. I did not feel this as the fault of the GF basher for there are few drummers who can learn another player’s whole set in five hours time. After a few tries he left and the drummer from Suicide Silence sat in. He seemed more accustomed to the material and was doing fine but myself and some others felt that this was a real lackluster performance as a result all around. Their being down a man should have had them precede Diecast since there was no way to see if the last minute solution would work or not. While it did not I do give them credit for not cancelling altogether and disappointing their fans.
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“Live In Sao Paulo” by Sepultura

Artist: Sepultura
Title: Live In Sao Paulo
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 11/8/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 6/10

Sepultura are considered one of the most powerful forces for Metal and when you speak their name in their native land of Brazil they are considered as Gods. Their appeal to legions of Metal fans has wavered a little since lead singer Max Cavalera had left to form Soulfly. In his place the American Derrick Green continues to lead the band in a full assault charge. His sound is different from Max’s and leans to a more Hard Core style than the Thrashing that Max was bringing to the table. Musically Andreas Kisser, Igor Cavalera and Paulo Xisto sound pretty good on the album but clearly the drums and vocals seemed to be mixed a little louder on the piece. The group storms through 21 numbers and to make this a little more worth paying attention to bring out a former guitarist Jairo Guedz to jam on a few numbers. Alex from Krisiun also makes an appearance and there are some others as well. For a CD with most of its talking in Portuguese it gets a little confusing with what’s going on, but that is where owning the DVD is a good idea. Yes you read this correctly for a DVD of this concert was also issued in tandem to the CD.
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