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Marvel Comics #1′s Coming In October 2014

Welcome to October, or as I will be referring to it for the music related posts “Rocktober”. I’d have tried “Comictober” but that just sounds stupid, so where was I — Oh yes, welcome to the Marvel Comics installment of our semi-regular series of posts that line out the upcoming first issues from some of the publishing houses that we enjoy here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ. As I have done with numerous posts like this, we are taking the official press copy or Wiki description of the titles premise and then adding some views as we close up. Let’s get this party started.

Comic - Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier 1 - 2014

Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier: Kot said, “Bucky Barnes has undergone self-numbing amounts of traumatic experiences. He killed for the Soviets. He killed for Americans. He had people taken away from him by rather brutal means. He had his mind wiped out. Repeatedly. To top that, he’s hyper-competent when it comes to hurting people and he barely had a childhood. So: a lot of damage. A lot of carefully developed survival mechanisms. The thing about them, though? They might have been important once, but now—well, many of them might be no longer necessary. Bucky is entering a completely new phase of his life and it is a deeply expansive one. Shedding the old and embracing the new is the core of the character and the series – traveling across galaxies as a very capable and damaged ex-mercenary, having experiences you can’t fit into your established worldview, changing in the process.”

Writer: Ales Kot; Artist: Marco Rudy
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Airing Tonight: “Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season Finale

I wasn’t going to post anything about this season finale, but I just had to since the last few weeks of “Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD” have been so damned good and exciting and tonight the season finale for the first go round of the show is happening on ABC. Depending on your location in the states, you will need to check your local listings. Look at the dramatic art for this episode.

Poster - Agents Of SHIELD - S1 Finale - 2014
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