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J&R Music World Closes After 43 Years (1971-2014)

Come on NYC. You are killing me here as this news marks the second iconic music related thing in NYC to shutter its doors this week alone. On Monday Lady Gaga performed the last concert ever at Roseland Ballroom (a venue which I lamented about HERE). Then comes the news that J&R Music World would be closing the retail stores that have been a staple attraction on the Park Row street for 43 years.

Logo - JR Music World

Speaking personally I figure that I have been going to these stores since the mid-eighties as I worked down on Wall Street after school running paperwork from company to company. This was always an accidental detour when I was nearby and actually so was the much longer shuttered Bondy’s. I found a whole lot of my earliest inspiring Metal and Hard Rock here and this was from a time when you had to climb an almost four story staircase to reach the goodies. They would eventually move the music stuff downstairs and reconfigure that upstairs for another medium/genre. The would open up a large computer store but I seldom used that and then there was an aim to compete with chains like Sam Ash and Guitar Center when they opened up their music instruments section. The music instruments section was nice enough and I saw Zebra’s Randy Jackson perform there once but I don’t think it ever took off the way they had planned.
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