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BlackboxTV Presents: “Welcome To Daisyland” Official Trailer

There is a proven audience for Horror Anthology series based on the continually returning “American Horror Story” which just completed what felt like its 15th Season on FX. This new project holds some interest to me based on it being a new network to my media database and one that will feature music from that kickass Hard Rock band The Dead Daisies. Check out the trailer and press copy that I received not too long ago.

welcome to daisyland logo

The Press Release:
For those that claim rock music is a fading trend, Spitfire Music has teamed up with BlackBoxTV to develop a new horror anthology series “Welcome To Daisyland”. Spitfire Music have enlisted the Australian-American musical collective THE DEAD DAISIES to provide the soundtrack for the series, furthering their stance that rock music is alive and thriving. “Welcome To Daisyland” is scheduled to premiere this Valentine’s Day (February 14). Directed by award-winning film maker Tony E. Valenzuela (Silverwood, Harper’s Globe) and starring Pepi Sonuga (Ash Vs The Evil Dead), the first official trailer for the series is out now and can be seen here:

“In 2018, content is king,” states the band’s manager and series Executive Producer David Edwards (Rock Star INXS). “I’m tired of hearing the same Top 40 music in the background of every film and kept thinking, ‘This scene would be so much better with a heavy rock track’, so we made it happen.” On deciding to go with a horror series, Edwards added, “Horror and rock go hand in hand. Alice Cooper started combining the two back in the 70’s with his crazy theatricsand it’s a genre we love.”
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Dead Daisies @ Highline Ballroom

The Dead Daisies will bring their rock solid sound to life in NYC once again. Don’t miss out on this exciting band.

highline ballroom logo

The Dead Daisies Announce Summer Headlining Tour

There is nothing quite like the news about an exciting Metal and Hard Rock band announcing a tour to wipe away those Monday blues. With that said, here is the skinny on the summer dates that were just announced by The Dead Daisies. Read on down below.

The Press Release:
THE DEAD DAISIES are returning to North America! After a Sold-Out Tour across the UK & Europe, the band are looking forward to rocking out with their US & Canadian fans! Their current single “RISE UP” is climbing the US-Active Rock Charts and being used extensively in NASCAR promotional campaigns across the country. The guys are also happy to announce that an old friend of the Daisies, Dizzy Reed, is bringing his band HOOKERS & BLOW along as the Tour’s Special Guest.

THE DEAD DAISIES are currently on the final leg of their UK & European Burn It Down Tour where they just shot a music video for the band’s next single “DEAD AND GONE” at Black Box Music (Rammstein, 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson) in Berlin before finishing in Milan on May 9th.

The album “BURN IT DOWN” has entered the charts around the world! Led by a #6 in the US Billboard Heatseekers Chart, a #10 in the prestigious German Media Control Charts, #12 in the US Hard Music Charts, #14 in the UK Sales Charts, #15 in both Switzerland and Austria as well as numerous other chart entries around the world, the album very much delivered on the promise of “Burning down everything in its path”!
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Dead Daisies @ Highline Ballroom

The Dead Daisies are one of the most exciting Hard Rock bands on the scene today. You don’t want to miss getting in on this one at the beautiful Highline Ballroom.

highline ballroom logo

Win A Ticket For Dead Daisies At Highline Ballroom On 8/17/2017

The Details: One of the most exciting bands to hit the stages over the last year or so has got to be the Dead Daisies. Their sound is rocking and brings the love of the Hard Rock vibe to life with each and every song that they deliver. They are fronted by Jon Corabi who some of you might remember from Motley Crue and even The Scream if you were paying proper attention back in the day and he is joined by a cadre of awesome players that include Doug Aldrich who played with Whitesnake for a few years. They’ve just released an amazing live album and this show at the Highline Ballroom is going to raise the bar in terms of a quality Rock Show. Thanks to the fine folks in the Marketing Division of the venue, we are proud to be putting some of our ardent readers into this show for free. Check out the details on how to participate.

When and Where: Thursday, August 17th @ Highline Ballroom (431 W 16th St, NYC)

To Participate: I’ve decided to keep this an easy one and by saying that I mean I will be sticking to my usual formula of you readers giving me “3” things that you like most about the band if you have heard them already and if you are a newbie just give me “3” things that you are most interested in about their performance. Perhaps there are albums that “spoke” to you or concert appearances that sent you to the music shop to snag some of the band members earlier works. Just give me three solid answers and how important it is to be at this show. I know I make you work but I work here too so whining will not win out at all LOL. Make this good reading because the stuff remains on the website and can likely inspire new fans as well on how our freebies work. Writing “because they rock dude” is just too un-original and boring. I’ll be responding to the comments that I like most right below their answer. Kindly review some guidelines before entering your submission.
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