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Tonight: “Arrow” (Season 3) (10/8/2014)

I’m excited again and this should not surprise any of you readers when you realize that I am a comic book and superhero geek. Last night The CW Network gave us the brand new series for “The Flash” but tonight its the Season 3 premiere for “Arrow”, the show that gave us an introduction to that new show in the first place. Check out the promotional poster below and some basic premise stuff then we can talk a little more.

Poster - Arrow - S3 - 2014
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Airing Tonight: “Gotham” (9/22/2014)

Fans all seem to know the details on how Bruce Wayne became Batman, The Dark Knight that looms over Gotham City’s underworld and can probably recite them to you if asked at any point in the day, but what of the city of darkness that pulsed around him? This new show airing on Fox is entitled simply “Gotham” and it aims to give comics fans some insight on the beginnings of the caped crusader’s eventually protected city and the devious villains who lurk in its shadows. Check out the poster and premise below.

Poster - Gotham - S1 - 2014
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