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DC Entertainment Announces “DC FanDome” Virtual Mega-Event For August

Back in April, when I helped to share the news that the Comic Con International: San Diego had been cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the USA was already a month into the lock down and the sheltering in place that most of the nation was being told to do. That notice can be found HERE in case you missed it. Resultant of cancellations such as this, new events are manifesting to help fans to better deal with the isolation and here is a cool bit of news from DC Entertainment regarding the DC Fandome. Read on.

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The Press Release:
Save the date and prep your cosplay! On Saturday, August 22, starting at 10 a.m. PDT, Warner Bros. will welcome fans everywhere into the DC FanDome—a free virtual fan experience where no badge is required.

Imagine all the Super Heroes and Super-Villains you’ve ever loved finally coming together in one place to celebrate DC’s past, present and future. Accessible for 24 hours at DCFanDome.com, the global event will immerse fans into the DC Multiverse, with new announcements from WB Games, Film and TV, and comics, as well as an unprecedented opportunity to hear from the casts and creators behind your favorite feature films and TV series, including: Aquaman, The Batman, Batwoman, Black Adam, Black Lightning, DC Super Hero Girls, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, DC’s Stargirl, Doom Patrol, The Flash, Harley Quinn, the SnyderCut of Justice League, Lucifer, Pennyworth, SHAZAM!, The Suicide Squad, Supergirl, Superman & Lois, Teen Titans GO!, Titans, Watchmen, Young Justice: Outsiders and, coming this fall to theaters worldwide, Wonder Woman 1984.
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DC Comics End Relationship w Diamond Comics Distributors After 25 Years

The Scoop:
After 25 years, DC and Diamond Comic Distributors are ending their long-standing relationship. Moving forward, comic book retailers can obtain their DC books from Penguin Random House, or their books and periodicals through Lunar or UCS comic book distributors. DC continues to be committed to providing the Direct Market with best in class service and the fans with the world’s greatest comic books.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t have much to add about this news and I guess it really doesn’t change anything for my hitting the local comic book shop for my weekly stash. Sadly, my store is still closed back on being considered a non-essential business and while the world is a bit of a nightmare out there at the moment, I sure do miss the simplicity of popping into the comic book store and seeing what is what. In time we shall return to some more normal but right now just stay safe and watch yourself. See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.dccomics.com
Official Website: http://www.diamondcomics.com

DC Announces Its Return To Comic Book Stores On Tuesday April 28

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The Press Release:
New DC Comic Books to be Available at Open and Operating Comic Book Retailers. DC comic books are returning to comic shops beginning Tuesday, April 28. After a four-week break, fans can celebrate that new superhero stories will be arriving at operating retail stores. After surveying more than 2,000 stores across the U.S. and Canada, it became clear that many comic book store owners are finding new and creative ways to get books to the fans who want them. To find stores that may have the new titles, visit the comic shop locator webpage:

Check the page often, as it will be updated with new retailers. The new slate of titles includes (also available for digital purchase at participating digital retailers):
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On Shelves: “Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular”

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Late last year I helped share the news that DC Comics was going to be releasing a special edition that would celebrate Robin, The Boy Wonder. That’s the trusty sidekick for those of you who don’t dabble in too many comic book things and the full title of said release is “Robin 80th Anniversary 100 Page Spectacular” – Whew. If you missed the skinny about it just click HERE since I loaded up all of the variant cover images. The visual below is the considered Standard Edition.

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“Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Pg Super Spectacular” #1

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On Shelves: “The Flash” #750 – Happy 80th Anniversary

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Back in January, I helped share the news about the comic book milestone issue #750 for DC Comics “The Flash”. For this special edition one-shot, there would be a series of “Decades” variants much like the ones we saw for “Wonder Woman” #750. My variant covers “reveal” post for “The Flash” #750 can be examined HERE. The standard edition of this special edition is presented for you below and then I decided to have a little fun.

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“The Flash” #750

Since it was New Comic Book Day and since we were in our local comic book shop (Galaxy Comics in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn), I decided to have some fun and capture a quick video of all the individual issues on the racks and say a little bit about the whole batch. It makes for some good YouTube Channel content and we’d love to have you as subscribers on this medium so be sure to click HERE, choose “subscribe” and click the bell to be alerted to any newness.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As I noted that was likely to do when this hit the stands, I picked up a single copy of the issue that you see in this post because I don’t have the space for “8” additional issues of a single title anymore. Let me add to the fact that there is also going to be a special edition “Green Lantern” and “Joker” issue coming and those will also run between 8-10 dollars apiece. I miss the days when this hobby wasn’t as expensive as its become. So what do you readers think about this announcement? Will you be purchasing this special edition of “The Flash” or its multiple variant covers? Chime in down below in the comments section. See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.dccomics.com
Official Character Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_(Barry_Allen)